Vrex VR Collaboration Platform Simplified BIM Collaboration

On November 23, 2021 Vrex has announced that the first Point Cloud support in VR for BIM (building information modeling) collaboration.

Vrex's technology powers this update. It provides better insight during BIM coordination, helping to avoid design mistakes and rework. BIM models combined with point cloud scans make it possible to visual inspect any construction project and understand its current status.

The company's virtual reality collaboration platform makes complex project models simple to understand. The platform's SaaS platform can handle the most complex projects, including design, planning, construction, and maintenance. Vrex is used by companies to gain project insights, enable clear communication and minimize errors and misunderstandings.

Vrex can integrate with Navisworks and BimTrack to support most 3D formats. OpenBIM (IFC), Siemens(JT), Point Clouds (E57), are supported via direct upload or by BIM360.

Hans Johansen, CEO of Vrex, says that one of the core principles of the company is to allow virtual collaboration for all, from BIM experts to workers on the ground to project owners to cleaning crews. They are constantly expanding the range of file types that they can integrate with and the ways to enter virtual reality. Point Cloud support makes it easy to see if there are any critical differences between the planned and actual structures. This allows for better decision-making and efficient construction.

Point cloud-driven VR meetings were also a benefit to rehab projects of any size, according to the company. It helps project teams understand the context and propose solutions better, as well as making it easier to work together. Clients, installers and sub-contractors have instant access to the design. This allows them to understand it in a way that is much better than 2D plans.

What is Vrex?

The software allows teams to connect from any part of the globe. It's a virtual workspace that allows teams to collaborate and has all the tools they need to be productive.

Create projects

The Vrex web application allows users to create and manage projects in an intuitive and easy way. Virtual Reality allows users to experience projects. Vrex offers effective tools that allow users to navigate the model individually or in groups to locate relevant locations. It is easy to include users even if they don't have any VR or BIM experience.

Add point clouds and models 

Users can add models and point clouds to your projects efficienty. To make managing models as simple as possible, the company offers several model sources. 

  • Local files
  • Navisworks
  • Bim360
  • Bimsync
  • BIM Track

Users can easily keep their projects updated by clicking a button after selecting files for Vrex meeting room rooms.

Invite members to the project

The user can manage all Vrex accounts and their access. To share projects with collaborators or access them, invite users to create accounts.

Choose your own workflow

Vrex is able to work with almost any authoring software. The software integrate with the most popular project and issue management systems. This allows for a simple and efficient workflow.

Does VR need to be used with VREX platform

No VR equipment is necessary, users can easily join from their laptops.

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