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VRfree®: Swiss VR Gloves for PC & Mobile Headsets

Every week the Swiss developers are publishing a new demo video about their novel VR-gloves: VRfree® requires no cables, it transmits all motion data to the separate head-module that’s mounted on the HMD. Users don’t any additional sensors or cameras in the room which is why the gloves are just tailored for mobile use. The developers promise an extremely accurate and precise tracking in realtime and full degrees of freedom capturing of all fingers.



Sensoryx will offer adapters for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung GearVR, Googles Daydream und other HMDs. A KickStarter-campaign is planned some time in fall.

VRfree®: Gloves for mobile and stationary VR with precise real-time Tracking

Early September the development team at Sensoryx published its 3rd VR-demo of its VRFree glove. In the first video they were seizing virtual pingpong balls and threw them around. In the second video someone played a virtual piano. In the third demo things got serious. The player grabbed a gun and fired at various targets in a forest. In the videos the tracking looked very precise. In fact, developer Rolf Adelsberger of Sensoryx speaks of millimeter-precise capturing as one of the big challenges they mastered. Another was the development of algorithms that allowed the data evaluation of the different sensor types.

According to Sensoryx the system will be expanded to track the whole body. Thanks to employing different sensor types it achieves the same precision as stationary tracking-systems like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. All of this happens in realtime and VRFree – in contrast to most other systems – is capturing all fingersegments and their movement in 3D space. The hand/finger data is transmitted wirelessly to the headmounted adapter which is processing all information and sends it to the VR display. For the tracking the headmount contains a camera and 2 other types of sensor measuring distance and orientation.

The developers want to start selling their first VRfree®-systems already in October. Sensoryx targets a price of around 300 Euro for the full set with two gloves with HMD-adapter. Those keen on testing the VRFree, can meet them at the Swiss Gameshow in Zurich on 20-22 Oct, at the Swiss Innovation Forum SIF in Basel on 16. Nov or at the CES’18 on 9-12 Jan in Las Vegas.


Fabian Wenner, PhD

CFO / Business Development



www.sensoryx.com / www.vrfr.ee

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