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VRgineers Teams & NVIDIA To Bring Enterprise VR To Highest Level Performance

VRgineers is unlocking a new level of high visual performance and realism in virtual reality with NVIDIA. Combining high-resolution, true-to-life VR imaging with next-generation, high-performance graphics opens possibilities never seen before in enterprise VR. For the first time, with the use of the new NVIDIA Quadro GV100 GPU, even complex 3D scenes, high-poly models and high-resolution textures perform smoothly at full refresh rates in VRgineers’ high-resolution VR headset, using its potential to the maximum.

“Any virtual reality system is only as good as its two major components: the VR headset and the system it runs on. For a no-compromise, professional VR setup with the highest standards for image clarity and capable of handling complex VR projects, both have to be extremely high-performing – the headset providing enough resolution, pixel density, and quality optics to get a clear crisp image and the PC having enough graphics horsepower to render the VR scene fast enough for a smooth experience. VRHero 5K Plus and NVIDIA Quadro GV100 deliver that and thus make a perfect, extremely powerful union,” says Marek Polcak, co-founder and CEO at VRgineers.

VRgineers is a virtual reality engineering company producing high-resolution VR headsets as an enterprise platform for engineering and design professionals. Its VRHero platform is presently used by automotive designers in companies, such as BMW, Audi, and Volkswagen, for design validation and evaluation, reducing the cost and time needed to develop new car models.

NVIDIA is driving innovation in many fields of computing, including AI, robotics and VR. VRgineers is an early user of its new Quadro GV100 graphics card, focusing on delivering performance improvements in complex scenes with the VRHero 5K headset.

“The disruptive potential of virtual reality in the enterprise is immense. VRgineers’ professional headsets powered by the new Quadro GV100 GPU means, for the first time, professionals in industries such as product design, architecture and engineering can conduct realistic simulations where high resolution and overall image quality are key,” said Bob Pette, Vice President, Professional Visualization, NVIDIA.

“With the new NVIDIA Quadro GV100, driven by the NVIDIA Volta GPU architecture, our VRHero 5K enterprise clients will be able to run larger and more sophisticated 3D scenes, use near production-quality models without the need for tedious manual optimization, and enable performance-demanding functions, such as particle simulations or antialiasing in VR. I believe this will dramatically reduce the number of hours invested into the content adaptation and streamline the process for VR in industrial applications,” continued Polcak.

The VRgineers VRHero 5K Plus headset, currently available at market, features double Quad HD OLED displays, each with resolution and pixel density greater than the new iPhone X Super Retina display. The resulting image is the highest level of quality and realism available, designed for professional applications far beyond gaming. The crisp 5K resolution and full 24bit RGB colors, together with the unique custom-built optics and 170º FOV, give the VRHero 5K Plus, according to analysts, the most true-to-life image in VR to date.

VRgineers has also recently announced it is working on a next generation of its VR headset with fully integrated Leap Motion hand-tracking technology, making it the first of its kind in the world. It is planned to be available later this year.

“VR is the next creative platform. A space where new products will be born, a bridge between our imagination and reality, where concepts and ideas take shape and can be tested, realistically simulated and perfected before they manifest in the physical world. This will turn the way we work across all industries upside down,” says Martin Holecko, VRgineers co-founder. “Enabling this vision cannot be done single-handedly. That’s why working with leading technology innovators that share our goals, such as NVIDIA or Leap Motion, is crucial for us.”

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About VRgineers
VRgineers, Inc. is a virtual reality engineering company developing and manufacturing cutting-edge enterprise-grade VR gear for professionals. Their new generation high-resolution VR headset platform, the VRHero 5K Plus, is used by clients in the automotive, architecture, industrial design, and training sectors, enabling them to transform their work using VR technology. The company is headquartered in Prague with a U.S. office in Los Angeles.


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