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VRology was founded in July of 2015 and like many others in the industry our small business began as nothing more than passion for wanting to share VR with the world.

The company now manufacture and sell the only Samsung Gear VR replacement microfleece face pad for the consumer market, and we have made it our mission to help simplify the learning curve so more people can enjoy immersive VR experiences.


VRology is based in Boston, MA and the team has been following the VR and immersive computing industry for the past 4+ years. The team is experienced VR first hand back in the early ’90s and is happy to see that the technology is now ready for the consumer market. VRology is an active members and volunteers for the non-profit BostonVR meetup group, and they are very excited for what’s to come over the next few years.


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VRology believes there are 3 categories that will help drive virtual reality adoption and allow everyone to experience this exciting technology and evolving medium. These categories have become our core business pillars: Learn, Connect, Experience.


VRology’s vision is to solve problems and reduce friction points within these categories. To simplify the learning curve by connecting people to learning resources, people to people, people to the very best immersive VR experiences.


VRology believes that mobile virtual reality is how most people today will experience VR for the first time. And in November of 2015 we experienced the first hurdle with mobile VR adoption.



The Samsung Gear VR was just released, however issues with the comfort of the Gear VR’s face pad began to rise. The dissatisfaction with comfort prevented people to use their device for more than a few minutes. Lens fog was also an issue reported by many.


samsung gear vr face cover pad
Companies showcasing their content at exhibitions, conferences and tradeshows also faced the same challenge. High use of Gear VR devices at events causes the face pad to wear down much quicker, again reducing comfort (not to mention the sanitary issues).


The team’s first challenge was born. If people couldn’t or wouldn’t wear the device because of comfort, fogging and sanitary issues, then how could anyone expect them to recommend virtual reality, and the fantastic Gear VR device to their friends and family? This could possibly slow adoption.


VRology’s objective was clear. Develop new cost-effective, high quality replacement face pads for the Samsung Gear VR device which improves comfort, breathability, and decreases sanitary issues.


VRology is one of the only company who offers a soft and comfortable, machine washable microfleece face pad for the Samsung Gear VR. Since officially launching our face pads in May 2016, since then VRology has sold thousands around the world, and we have received wonderful feedback from worldwide happy customers.


Samsung Gear VR Microfleece Replacement Face Pad Facts:

  • Improves comfort for longer, more enjoyable VR sessions!
  • Our pad is breathable and allows air to travel through it to help reduce lens fog.
  • We improved the cushioning and size, for better forehead and nose support.
  • Reduces light leaking into the headset.
  • It’s made with soft microfleece for your face and those with sensitive skin.
  • Our pad is machine washable!
  • It’s very lightweight and easy to swap with the original.
  • Designed for the consumer Samsung Gear VR (Note 5, S6, S6 Edge, S7 & S7 Edge).
  • Price is $12.99 USD per pad and available online at VRology.com.

How to replace the original Gear VR face pad with your new face pad:

  1. Remove the original face pad by pulling it off of the device. Don’t worry, it’s attached by Velcro and will come off easy.
  2. Take your new face pad and line up the nose pieces to the Velcro on the device.
  3. Press the two nose pieces down and then follow along the bottom pressing the pad down, then around the sides and along the top.
  4. That’s it! Strap on that Gear VR and enjoy the comfort of your new pad! Your face will love you!

Machine wash instructions:

Wash with cold water and ‘lite’ detergent on a slow spin cycle, then let pads air dry (do not put them in a dryer). Detergents with heavy chemicals can break down the pad faster, so use organic or hypoallergenic detergent with little to no chemicals.

For more information or business development inquires please contact:

Nick LeBlanc

Co-Founder & Chief Visionary Officer

VR•ology | Learn. Connect. Experience.

e: nick@vrology.com

t: 781-436-2302

Follow VRology social media profiles:
Twitter: @OfficialVRology

Instagram: @OfficialVRology

Facebook: facebook.com/OfficialVRolgoy


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