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VR porn has come a long way over the last few years, even coming up some dedicated 360 VR porn headsets along the way, such as the VRotica and a couple of other available options. The latest of these is the so called VR Porn-in-a-Box, which has partnered with BaDoink VR to launch its new headset.

If you are ones of those looking to get into watching some adult content in virtual reality, and doesn't want to be dealing with buying expensive headsets and computer setup, this all-in-one plug and play headset is ideal for you. In the past, you had to deal with seting up fancy devices, now you are able to obtain this standalone headset for porn, now this is everything you need to watch VR porn. 

You Guide to Watching Porn in VR 

In case you are seeking for some quality content, and would like to explore outside of the VRotica headset, we have compiled some of the companies you should check out. 

Wankz VR
Naughty America VR
VR Bangers
Czech VR
Badoink VR
Adult Festa VR
StripChat VR
Teen Mega World
SexBabes VR
3DX Chat

Unlike other available options, however, this is not a tailor made VR headset just for porn. Instead, it’s actually an Oculus GO 32GB that pre-loaded with some software that makes it easy to go straight into watching immersive porn in virtual reality.

  • Display
  • Memory
  • Physical

The VRotica headset provides a full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution display. The screen position and interpupillary distance is adjustable at the top of the device for the optimal experience.

“We’re looking at the less technical adopter who just wants to open up the box and get going, but privately,” says company President John McBride

“We’re sideloading an unofficial app on the Oculus Go which will allow users to privately launch the VR headset browser straight to our platform of virtual reality porn content.”

With PIAB’s site including a VR video player, no configuration is required. Additionally all virtual reality video on the site has been optimized for the Oculus headset, which means things should simply launch without the need to configure with the settings or choose a video resolution.

Publishers of VRotica

Easily Accesible Adult VR Content

All of the pre-loaded content in the bundle comes courtesy of BaDoink VR, a studio has indeed established credentials in the VR space, and also operates other niche sites like VRCosplayX,  BabeVR, and 18VR.  

"This is an incredible leap forward for consumers of adult VR content and the industry as a whole"

Badoink VR review

Xavi Clos

Head of Production, BaDoinkVR

Members have always been able access to a library comprised of their content, but only ever have access to a small selection at any given time. Right now, there are over 700 scenes available, and 15 full-length scenes are loaded for members.

Certainly, you can always download and stream VR porn from any of the studios or platform, but then that does somewhat defeat the purpose of aiming this headset at the not-so-tech-savy who simply just wants to try out adult VR.

At the end of the day, some of the other top 360 porn sites already provide proprietary apps that make playback a breeze. BaDoink VR itself has a virtual theater mode, for instance, while the likes of VRBangers and SexLikeReal also offer user-friendly apps for members that requires no technical stuff.

The VR-Porn-In-A-Box version of the Oculus GO is only available for customers reside in the US for now, and currently retails for $299.99. This is a full $100 more than just purchasing one from Amazon or anywhere else. This means users can simply pay an extra $100 for a shortcut that provide the standard Oculus browser to a specific location, and access to a limited catalog of scenes.

Plug-and-play VR porn will certainly be an attractive proposition for certain users. 

VRotica Review: Design and Content

The adult VR headset has a full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution display with 30 frame per second, equipped with an internal memory of 32 GB, enabling the viewer to download and store tens of videos at a time, presumablyjust 10 HD virtual reality videos could be anything between 10 GB and 30 GB. The whole device weighs 420g, meaning it isn’t too heavy or laboring. The headset measures 176mm x 122.5mm x 92mm, having a 5.5 inch screen.

The device is comfortable to wear for long periods as well, as far as having VR devices strapped to your head generally can be not a pleasant experience after awhile. We certainly didn’t find it a particular distraction while viewing the content, and you can get a decent four hours of usage off a single charge, which takes about an hour to fully charge.

The VRotica headset is very generic in its appearance. The visor design is plain and the VRotica logo is stamped on the top alongside the two dials used to adjust the lenses for screen and eye distance. The device is Wi-Fi enabled, where no cables are required. The headset arrived packaged in a rather attractive and sturdy box with a USB charger, earbuds, and a screen cleaning cloth. The headphone jack and a charging port are located on the underside of the device. 

There are total of four buttons on the left side, with two for volume control, one is a power switch on-off button, and the other takes user back to the home screen. On the right side are two buttons, used when watching the content. One is a back button, while the other one is used to select a function  (e.g., pause, rewind, stop etc.). One small complaint we have is that other than the function button which is round, they are all oval-shaped with no texture or ways differentiate them, meaning we sometimes accidentally get switched back to the home screen or even accidentally shut down the adult VR headset several times while watching the content, which can be a bit frustrating for simply wishing to rewind a certain parts to get thing done “properly”. 

The videos we watched were from studios such as BadoinkVR, VRBangers, Reality Lovers, and VRCosplayX, we did try to use the categories provided and watch some content in the Trans and Lesbian category, but it actually didn’t work for us.

Typically, most scenes ranged from around 20 to 45 + minutes long, with the majority clocking in at around the 30 minute mark.

Some of you may already have a large catalog of virtual porn scenes that you have downloaded, these won’t be any use to you here, the content can only be sideloaded content from preloaded USB drives, not from a computer. We think that this alone will put many people off.

So let’s get back to content pricing. The movies can also be purchased on a per title basis with store credits, which is around $1.23/€1 each.  

Each scene costs anywhere from 3-10 credits. There are also bundles available when purchasing the adult VR headset, these cost between $24.66/€19.99 to $37/€29.99. So it’s likely that costs could creep up, while entirely depends on your consumption porn in VR incidentally, and whether the title can spark your interest enough to make you want to keep it stored in your library. Apparently, these content can also be acquired on USB sticks purchased from adult store retailers, but we were unable to source any additional information about this.

VRotica Review: Is It Worth It? 

In conclusion, we felt the VRotica headset was easy to use and works fine for the most part, categories notwithstanding. we didn’t have any issues with functionality whatsoever, other than the complaint about the buttons, yet we suppose if it’s something people use frequently, then you would soon recall where they were, and I personally discover VRotical headsets as quite comfortable to wear and easy to adjust to my own needs. 

The price of the adult VR headset is pretty cheap, possibly the best standalone adult VR headset deal out on the market, and we think this is somewhat reflected in the specifications. 

In discussion about the resolution and frame rate, there are much better headset out there than this one, but if you aren’t too picky of technical stuff or don’t have a high-end smartphone already, then VRotica will probably suit your sexual needs just fine. we do feel that the price of content could potentially get kind of expensive, when you look at what other studios have to offer, for example, you can get a single film for only $2.95 at a site like SexLikeReal where you can regularly buy single scenes on offer from just 99 cents. While in comparison, on the VRotica you’ll be instead paying a minimum of $3.70 and more, and you can’t sideload your own adult VR content that you already own or acquiring it from other stores.

At the end of the day, your enjoyment of the VRotica headset is how much you value simplicity and convenience, if that’s more important to you than their price, you’ll likely end up pretty happy camper.

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