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VRP Films Brings More Intimacy to VR, Offers PS4VR Videos

VRP Films is on a mission to bring more intimacy and personality to virtual reality porn viewing experience, and to make it more accessible by expanding its reach to Sony’s PlayStation VR experience.

According to the company, the availability of VR is changing the kinds of sexual experiences people are looking for, with more “intimate” porn in demand.

“Our site has seen a large number of members join over the past 12 months. This increased throughout autumn and then tripled on Christmas Day,” a company spokesperson says. “After New Year’s Day, average daily views remained much higher than the pre-Christmas levels at around 10,000 per day.”

The spokesperson says new VR technology will allow for personal experiences that are even more real and perfect than those in the real world, and the consequences are expected to change every form of experience consumers have with technology.

“Inevitably, those advances are now being used in the pornographic industry, to create new kinds of virtual reality videos,” the spokesperson reveals. “People are asking us for more romance, closeness, more talking. This is something you’ll find in a real relationship but not everyone in the world will have access to that kind of relationship. To be able to have an experience with another woman could give them something that maybe the real world can’t.”

The spokesperson notes that what VR offers for the first time is the opportunity to move from being simply an observer to being a participant, and this changes the experience massively.

“VR pornography could be something more like cheating on a partner because of the increasing ‘reality’ of the VR experience,” the spokesperson adds. “A VR porn experience opens the doors to an apparently ‘perfect’ sexual experience — a scenario which in the real world no-one could live up to.”

To make VRP Films as accessible as possible, the company caters to PS4VR users.

“Whether you’re a paying subscriber or pay as you go to test-drive the taboo material, you’ll need to download PS4/PS4 Pro videos from our site to your laptop or computer,” the spokesperson concludes. “Make sure you download the ‘Littlstar’ app to your PSVR, otherwise it won’t work, [then] copy your PS4-VRP Video to your USB Drive.”

The company recommends a 1TB drive formatted as exFAT or FAT32, with a folder named “Littlstar” at the root (top-level) directory, advising the name of the folder is case-insensitive. Place all downloaded videos in this folder, plug the drive into the PlayStation, and enjoy.


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