VRPorn Industry Getting More Interesting

Although the concept of watching porn in virtual reality has long been existed prior to the year of 2014, it is the year that VR Porn really got kickstarted when Virtual Real Porn’s first VR adult film is available for download and viewed on first version of Oculus rift headset. Also, 2014 is the year that pornstar Ela Darling adopted the technology and made her first experimental solo sex video in virtual reality. At the time, the equipments available to shoot VR videos is extremely limited, and it requires professional post-production of video stitching, that was how early it was for VR content production, nowadays, numbers of VR recording devices provides auto-stitching.

According to business consulting firm Piper Jaffray, by the year 2025, VRporn industry will become the third largest sector in virtual reality market, only sports related VR content such as NFL, and video games are larger than the sector. For Piper Jaffray’s complete report, check out on this page.

virtual reality market forecast

In 2014, VR adult content may seem like a trend rather than an established sector, but since then, the VR adult industry gradually gained more recognition, attention, and loyal fans worldwide. As of October 2017, the major keyword VRporn has around 1,500,000+ monthly search volume. And according to Pornhub, visitors views of VR porn videos on the platform increased 275 percent since it initial launch in 2016. As always, sex sells, and when it comes to VR porn, the business model proved working quite well, at least for now, it is among one of the few types VR content that consumers are willing to pay to download besides VR games.

Global VR Headset Shipment Forecast

Below are charts from market research and business consulting firms BI Intelligence, IDC and Piper Jaffray. Which shows forecast of estimated growth of headset shipment, and also predicted VR headset price drop, which is already happening right now in the fourth quarter of 2017. We can safely assume that, more people will be interested in owning a headset, and many of these headset owners would be tempted to make their first pov VR porn video purchase as headset price drop, system requirement lowered, and forthcoming standalone, untethered headsets soon be available to global market.



New Technology Driving VR Adult Industry Forward

At AVN 2017, one of the world’s largest Adult Industry Business Expo, some very interesting VR porn related technology and concepts were presented. Oh ROMA is a VR mask that triggers scent of smells, Camsoda announced its virtual reality live-cam platform, Camasutra showcased its motion cap system that is said to be able to capture a porn actress’ 3D avatar and rig it in porn scenes in the future.

Artificial intelligence, virtual reality and robots are among the hottest tech topics in 2017, the company Realbotix has combined them all and as a result, you get Harmony, a realistic robot with AI, and you can interact with her in virtual reality.
In all, virtual reality adult industry looks very promising in the coming years.

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