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Reality Lovers & First Mobile Cash Earn Prestigious XBIZ Award Nominations

Reality Lovers, a leading world-wide VR porn company, has been nominated as Virtual Reality Site of the Year by XBIZ.

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Innovative new content, such as the “Space Orgasm” VR scene that takes place on the bridge of an intergalactic spaceship staffed by gorgeous crew members, as well as the amazing roster of the world’s top adult models, have helped make Reality Lovers one of the world’s most popular VR porn websites.

“Filming content in new formats and creatively solving technical obstacles to provide fans with the most immersive and erotic entertainment ever produced is definitely exciting for us,” said René Pour, founder and CEO, Reality Lovers. “Being recognized for our efforts by XBIZ and the entire adult industry with this award nomination is gratifying. It shows we are on the right track as we help erotica fans find a new level of entertainment beyond anything that was possible just a few years ago.”

Reality Lovers’ parent company, First Mobile Cash, also earned a nomination from XBIZ as Mobile Company of the Year. First Mobile Cash is a mobile-specialized affiliate program designed to effectively monetize mobile and desktop traffic for webmasters, affiliates and networks.

“Having First Mobile Cash recognized by XBIZ shows top-to-bottom critical acclaim for our companies and products,” explained Pour. “This shows we are focused on doing the right thing for everyone: models, business partners, affiliates and fans across our entire network of services.”

To learn more about First Mobile Cash and Reality Lovers, be sure to visit the associated websites. You can meet with the team behind both companies at the upcoming XBIZ 2018 event, Jan. 15-19 in L.A. or at the awards ceremony.


About Reality Lovers

Reality Lovers is a leading world-wide VR adult entertainment company. Reality Lovers went live in May 2016 and within a year accomplished notable milestones, including winning international adult entertainment industry recognition – securing a Venus Award for the Most Innovative Product. Today, Reality Lovers is known among VR audiences worldwide as one of the leading adult VR content providers. Reality Lovers is one of the first VR technology innovators to offer a truly immersive virtual reality product that speaks to early adopters, VR enthusiasts and hardcore fans seeking the best adult content available in virtual reality. Reality Lovers is fully compatible with all major VR devices — including Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE, PSVR and Google Daydream. Reality Lovers is the parent company of Mature Reality.

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