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How to View VRSexperience Virtual Porn Movies

VRSexperience is a new VR porn service with one of the largest archive. Members are given full access to 2000+ 2D porn and VR porn videos.

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In order to watch VRSexperience, you will first need to sign up for their membership plan. This VR porn studio currently offer the following rate plans to watch their collection.

3 days trial-14.99
1 month-23.99
3 months-19.99
6 moths-11.66

Instructions to Watch VRSexperience VR Porn on Android Phone



1.First you will need to sign into your premium VRSexperience membership account
2.Find the VR porn movie you would like to see
3.. Download AAA VR Cinema Cardboard 3D SBS from the Play Store, tap the “Play from finder” button and select your video. This will likely appear in the main Download folder, unless you’ve specified a different location.
4.. Configure settings based on your particular VR headset as it will differ depending on the phone that is being used. Example settings on the Samsung Galaxy S4:
7. Side-by-Side with 180
8. Screen Size: 110
9. Head Tracking: Full
10. After configuration, press play and place your Android Smartphone into your VR headset. All video controls can be accessed by looking to either side of the video as well as down.
11. Put on your headset and enjoy.


Instructions to Watch VRSexperience VR Porn on iPhone




1. Download the VRSexperience virtual porn video files you want to watch onto your computer.
2. Download the Mobile VR Station app from the App Store. The free download lets you watch 5 minutes of your video for free. A one-time cost of $1.99 unlocks full length content of anything you upload.
3. Connect your iPhone to iTunes and click on the iPhone icon at the top left hand side
4. Click on Apps in the left hand navigation.
5. Scroll down to “File Sharing” and select< Mobile VR Station App>
6. Click on Add File and select the virtual porn video you’d like to upload.
7. Unplug your phone and launch the Mobile VR Station app.
8. Slide down to tap on Content Browser – Drives – Documents – And your video should be there
9. Tap on the “i” symbol next to the video file to configure the scene to “Full Front Dome 3D Side By Side” under Playback Type and tap save at the bottom of the screen.
10. Tap on the file to play the video and insert your iPhone Smartphone into your VR headset.
11. Put on your headset and enjoy.

Instructions to Watch VRSexperience VR Porn on Samsung Gear VR



The instruction on VRSexperience’s website does not clearly specify how to watch their VR porn movies on the Gear VR. Instead they recommend you going through this post to learn how to watch via Gear VR.

However, the instruction here are also confusing, so we are going to hopefully save you some time by recommending the following steps as an alternative way to watch VR porn from VR Sex Experience on the Gear VR.

1. First, create a folder in the root directory on your smartphone and name it <MilkVR>
2. Launch Gear VR and install Samsung MilkVR from the Oculus app if one does not already exist
3. On your PC, log-in to your premium VR Sex Experience membership account
4. Download the VR porn video onto your PC
5.Connect your Samsung phone to the computer via a USB cable
6.Once the video download is completed, transfer the VR porn files into the <MilkVR> folder
7.Now plugs your phone into the Gear VR headset and your Gear VR will launch automatically.
8. Once in the main menu, select <Samsung Milk VR app>
9. Select video in SideloadVR

10.Select your VR porn movie
11.Seat back and enjoy!

Instructions to Watching VR Porn on Oculus Rift


– Log to your VRSexperience account and download your VR porn.
– Install Whirligig VR video player on your computer, you will need download it from the internet if you don’t already have it. You will also want to make sure that you have the latest version of the app.
– When Whirligig is installed, you will need to make a folder on your desktop for the VR file, and drag the VR porn file into that folder.
– Make sure that your Oculus Rift headset is configured properly.
– In Whirligig, click and run Whirligig_DirectToRift. You will know the program is running properly when your monitor turns white.
– Put on your Oculus Rift headset. You’ll see the video with settings options. VR Sex Experience recommend the following settings to watch their VR porn content:

Viewing: Dome SBS
Tilt: 90
Field of View (FOV): 180
Radius: 9.0

7. Once you have completed the settings, press the “Enter” key to play video.

8. Additional settings for the Mac OS X
9. Go to System Preferences > Displays > Arrangement and tick the Mirror Displays box.
10. OS X using a vertical orientation for the Oculus display, so you need to go to the Display tab > Rotation and choose 90°. Also make sure that the refresh rate is set to 75Hz and the resolution is Scaled > 1080p.


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