Denmark’s SmartLaunch Views VRstudios’ VR Products, Capabilities and Rich Content Pipeline As A Major Advantage for Its Network of Gaming and Family Entertainment Centers

In the game of expanding a global sales footprint for Virtual Reality (VR) products, it appears VRstudios has the score to beat. VRstudios, the emerging leader in the global delivery of wireless, full-motion, and multi-user VR experiences for entertainment and commercial enterprise customers, and SmartLaunch, the world leader of management software for game centers and e-Sports arenas, announced today, that the two companies have entered into a worldwide distribution agreement. Denmark’s SmartLaunch will deploy VRstudios’ gaming and entertainment products across its worldwide network of gaming and family entertainment centers (FEC).


VRstudios continues to capture these global deals, due to the availability of the company’s superior VR products, patent-pending platform, software and hardware. The company brings a collection of capabilities no other VR company can provide – wireless, full-motion, high-fidelity, multi-user, VR experiences in the same physical and virtual space.


According to SmartLaunch, the relationship with VRstudios will ensure that gaming centers will experience the benefits of exclusive VR capabilities and continuous new content. “Gaming centers have been asking for VR games and experiences. Our partnership with VRstudios will allow SmartLaunch to offer a steady and frequent delivery of exciting new games and experiences to our customers,” said Vinay Java, chief operating officer of SmartLaunch. “VRstudios’ capabilities are one-of-a-kind. Once you have tried a truly wireless VR experience, it’s really hard to imagine using anything else. The benefits of this partnership will clearly give us an edge.”


VRstudios chief operating officer, Derek Anderson added, “We are proud to be integrated into the worldwide ecosystem of a leading innovator in the (FEC) arena. This is validation that our value proposition and mind-blowing VR products bring a differentiation that cannot be ignored. SmartLaunch represents an excellent distribution partner, because they see past the novelty of VR and onto the amazing and expansive possibilities of VR. We look forward to bringing our out-of-this-world VR content to their customers.”


The global Amusement and Entertainment Theme Park industry is expected to be $32billion by 2017 … And in US, the industry is $16 billion today. In addition, the estimated 6,300 Family Entertainment Centers currently in the US are a $8.2billion business (sources: IAPPA and Global Industry Analysts).


These industries are quickly looking to VR to expand the businesses even further. VRstudios continues to secure sales and distribution agreements with prominent worldwide Amusement and Entertainment companies and expand its global leadership in the shipment of VR products around the world.


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About VRstudios

Launched in 2014 and headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, VRstudios (www.vrstudios.com) is the industry’s premier VR company providing a collection of unique VR capabilities and content to the entertainment and commercial enterprise industries, through its unprecedented patent-pending platform and turn-key systems. The company’s technology brings a completely immersive and interactive experience that is wireless, provides full-motion, and allows simultaneous multiple users in the same physical and virtual space.


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About SmartLaunch

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Smartlaunch (www.smartlaunch.com), with its footprint in all continents, is the global leader in software management systems for gaming centers and e-Sports arenas. Thousands of customers in more than 125 countries rely on Smartlaunch to run their businesses efficiently and affordably with minimal set-up time and maintenance requirement.






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