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VRTIFY 360 Degree Camera System For Capturing Music In Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality now is spreading out in every direction, and every industry is getting ready to be in touched with it. This excitement has already blasted through video games, and now it is extending to the music industry. So today we are introducing the world first VR 360 video music platformVRTIFY, not just allowing you using your ears to listen music, but letting you go through music journeys. The users can do it with Youtube, Spotify, and the greatest news for those music lovers could create, share and explore their music works in a brand new way on it.


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Initially, VRTIFY just liked other startup VR companies as the excitement for virtual reality picked up, were focusing on the VR games or immersive video experiences. They have developed hardware and software tools to offer the highest quality VR content. But then they started to smell and notice another opportunity, so they decided to head to the music industry with all their VR background technologies.


vrtify vr music camera


By using their three camera systems, users could actually be in a live concert and feel the heat! The users could really get on the stage to feel the performance from their favorite performers in a very close distance with this on-stage camera. And with the long-stage camera shooting from long distance and with the in-studio camera shooting 360 degrees, you can feel the vibration all around you in every position.


Another unique design is its 360-degree and 3D sound system (VRIMMERSIVE SOUND®), providing more immersive experiences with audio depth perception. Inside this new musical dimension, users pair their preferred music with custom-created virtual environments, make it feels like going on a musical journey or immersive themselves in an exciting musical event. Imagine at this moment, you could enjoy your delighting heavy metal songs while lying on a beach in Hawaii.


In summary,

  1. VRTIFY aims to build up a music-centric platform that is going to lead the music industry to VR world.
  2. They provide multiple musical immersive experiences from live concerts to traditional music videos, enable musical artists to upload their VR-produced music.
  3. Users are able to customize all their musical works, and make them into a piece of a collection of yours.
  4. It is able to connected with other musical platforms such as: Youtube, Spotify, and available for any device that can be paired with major VR headsets (including Google Cardboard 2.0, Samsung’s Gear VR, Android, IOS, and Oculus Rift).

spotify vrtify


VRTIFY APP trial version is now available online, its official one will unveil till Q2 of 2016. For more information or its post-production tools, please visit their official website.

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