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VRTUL Releases High Resolution Underwater 360 Camera for the Future of Dome Projection

VRTUL (www.VRTUL.co), the preeminent leader in underwater 360 camera technology unveiled their next gen underwater camera system to clients this week for high resolution video capture. The VRTUL 3 is capable of shooting up to 27k resolution for 360 panoramic displays as well as 15k for domes, planetariums, spherical video, and virtual reality headsets in both monoscopic and stereoscopic formats.

“The VRTUL 3 was spawned out of a need not for 3D as in the past, but for high resolution projection and LED displays. Its specialty is capturing exceptional cinematic imagery for domes, planetariums, and immersive theaters of the future,” says Casey Sapp, founder of VRTUL. “There is a growing demand for 8k+ content and this the best underwater camera system in the world for its intended use cases.”

The VRTUL 3 is the 3rd generation flagship camera system for VRTUL (pr. Virtual), following its very successful predecessors the VRTUL 1 & 2. VRTUL’s legacy 360/VR camera systems have been used on many of the top immersive underwater productions in the world in partnership with the BBC, National Geographic, Good Morning America, and Discovery. The VRTUL 3 uses 12x ZCam E2 4k cameras with full synchronization, live preview, and robust global controls for dynamically changing settings underwater. Through contacting VRTUL it is available for rental starting January 2020.

About Casey Sapp and VRTUL:

Casey is CEO of VRTUL (Virtual Reality Technology Underwater Limited) focused on technology development and production services for underwater cinema. VRTUL’s clients include the BBC, Discovery, National Geographic, Good Morning America, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute and many others at the cross section of cinema and science.

Some of Casey’s inventions include the first 360 3D underwater camera system, the first underwater 360 live broadcast (GMA), the first ROV VR piloting system (MBARI), the first 360 cinematic camera on a submarine, and the highest resolution underwater cinematic camera system in the world (Sphere).

In 360/VR storytelling Casey has played many roles as a Producer, DP, Camera Tech, and Post-Supervisor. Most notable productions include: Into the Now (2019), Our Blue Planet VR (2019), Into Water (2019), Immotion Group Blue Ocean Series (2018), Hydrous Immerse (2018), Sharkwater VR (2018), Mako Madness (2017), and Orca 360 (2016).


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