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vSpatial Raises $2.5 Million in Seed Funding to Create Office in Virtual Reality

vSpatial connects users with their computer applications and coworkers in an amazing way that makes their jobs easier and more delightful. Have you ever been in a web or video conference and heard, “Can you stop sharing your screen? Do you see my screen?” Rest assured that those days are coming to an end. vSpatial leverages the magic of VR and makes it possible for all participants in a meeting to easily share multiple applications with each other all at the same time. This all happens simply and seamlessly, with the voice conversation moving to the next level with intuitive controls and crystal clear spatial audio. Collaboration has now become more efficient and effective saving our users time, money and frustration.

Key benefits and features of the app include:

  • Team meetings in virtual reality
  • Eliminates the need to travel & commute (green)
  • Immersive presence similar to real life meetings
  • Eliminates the need for expensive physical office and conference room space
  • Delightfully use and share applications with infinite windows
  • Slack Integration (and more coming)
  • Alleviates complex setup and network constraints needed for legacy telecommunications solutions
  • Connect, collaborate, and create like never before

John Sallaway, vSpatial co-founder and CEO, expressed excitement about the company’s direction.

“Not a single legacy solution today comes close to balancing the three legs of collaboration nirvana; namely, a) the natural feeling of an in-person meeting, b) the simplicity and efficiency of the telephone, and c) the unfulfilled promise of effective remote working. When we’re not saying, ‘Can you hear me?’, or ‘Can you see this?’, we’re complaining about the waste of time and high cost of travel, bad networks, and resource constraints (‘Who forgot to book the conference room?’).”

“vSpatial the Company is a team of telecommunications, network cloud, and virtual reality experts who have felt the pain and are passionate about healing the communication wounds. vSpatial the App is our creation and our cure. No more video conferencing snake oil! vSpatial is the delightful melding of immersive virtuality, spatial sound, and a network cloud that actually works—from anywhere—for free. We don’t settle for legacy solutions and neither should any business.”

Download vSpatial for free from the Oculus Store. Support for additional platforms of the app are currently in development.

About vSpatial

vSpatial is a Utah-based tech startup and our mission is to bring productivity and collaboration to the immersive world of VR. We connect our users to their data and their coworkers in ways that make our jobs simpler and more delightful. The application is currently available for free in the Oculus Store and support for additional platforms of the app are currently in development. For more information about vSpatial, visit http://www.vspatial.com

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