Japan-based company, Wacom, a global leader in pen display technology and tablets for creative users for over 30 years, unveiled a brand new pen specifically designed for virtual reality.

The Wacom VR pen is unlike anything the company has ever created before, and will be the company's transition point into the creative future. 

Wacom has more than 30 years of pen technology and experience that they put into utilizing this breakthrough they have developed.

The Wacom pen is integrated with true ergonomic design, optimizing for creative expression. The natural grip style come with cutting-edge precision,  size, weight, and easy access to each button. 

The pressure sensitive pen provides a natural pen experience drawing in air, by using pen grip force to deliver the desired pressure. By pressing on the pressure sensitive button at the tip of the pen, the stroke thickness changes base on the amount of force applied by the user. This experience is similar to draw with a pen on piece of paper.

The pen's standalone tracking systems is compatible with most major VR headsets currently available in the market.

The Wacom VR pen will enable drawing in VR world, while compatible to be integrated with their EMR pen tablet integration. The Wacom VR pen provides a seamless workflow from 2D to 3D.

The pen enables artists to combine their 2D pen tablets for accurate sketches or annotation with the physical surface.

Wacom is very excited with their newly released Wacom VR pen, and is inviting developers from around the world to join them in the very best of creative expressions.

Wacom is not the first to release a pen for virtual reality. Earlier this year, Logitech released their $750 Logitech VR Ink Stylus that is integrated with SteamVR tracking. 

For developer inquires regarding this hardware technology and software tools, please contact : wacomvrpen@wacom.com

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