wankz-vrVirtual Adult Film by WankzVR ‘Dinner & Dessert’ w/ VR Pornstar Zoe Parker

WankzVR has announced the launch of its latest virtual reality porn title, “Dinner & Dessert,” featuring Zoe Parker. In this romantic scene, the VR porn user comes home to find his girlfriend, played by Parker, has prepared an intimate dinner in honor of their blossoming relationship.

“‘Dinner & Dessert’ is a ‘GFE’ or ‘Girlfriend Experience’ scene, an addition to the popular, growing genre of VR erotica where heavy emphasis is placed on building intimacy and sensuality,” explains WankzVR’s Jack T. “These types of scenes hinge on the performer’s ability to portray the aforementioned feelings in a convincing fashion through natural acting and physicality.”

WankzVR co-director Nick says that VRporn asks a lot more out of its performers, but the final product is also that much more indicative of their talents.

“We are looking at porn star’s acting chops more than ever with VR porn, ” Nick explains. “Before it was all about your sexual energy, and it still is — it’s just with these types of ‘GFE’ scenes, we’re looking for performers who know how to intimately connect and roleplay with users. Otherwise, a VR scene can feel very flat and uninspired.”

Nick notes that Parker performed well in this scene.

“It’s almost like she’s using method acting to identify as close as she can to the role given,” Nick adds. “Ultra-talented performers are definitely making VR porn even more awesome, and vice versa.”

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