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360 video is the perfect format to broadcasting real news, as the technology gives the viewer a complete feel of presence in the immersive video. In this 360 video, RT news brings us yet another stunning 360 video, The Ravaged Heart of Europe.


Donnas (or Donbas) is a historical, cultural, and economic region located in the eastern Ukraine, most commonly referred to the Donetsk and Luhansk of Ukraine. Regarded the largest city in Ukraine’s conflict zone, Donetsk, had a pre-war population of over 1 million people. During the war, the city came under months of daily fire, and you can see what’s remaining in this immersive journalism. According to U.N., over 8,000 people have been killed since the conflict broke out, over 2 million people forced out of their home in the last 18 months.In October 2014, the Donetsk airport was completely destroyed. Despite the ceasefire, the OSCE Mission regularly record shelling on Donetsk airport.


post war aftermath at Donbass


Here are some chilling quotations from the residents:

“At half past three in the morning the shelling started. By midday the shelling had intensified so much that there was smoke coming from all sides”

“Every day there was shooting. On the way home from work – shooting. As we arrive home – shooting”

“I was two stops away from the shelter and then we heard – WHAM – and I can’t remember anymore”

“Any wall, any roof, and door – each one bears the marks. The marks of shells explosions of fragments.”

“It’s frightening because it’s civilians who are dying; children are dying.”


“I Just want all children to live in peace, especially the children of my land, the children of Donbass.”

To watch this interactive 360 video, you can download RT’s 360 VR Android app via Google Play or iTunes app here.


If you are accessing this 360 video from a web browser, be sure to update to the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Opera. Unfortunately, 360 video playback on YouTube does not support Safari browser.


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