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Crans-Montana is hosting the first annual summit of the WVRF, international organization dedicated to virtual and augmented reality with headquarters in Geneva. Virtual reality (VR) is an entirely new medium that will completely reboot your relationship to the moving image, rewriting the script for cinema. Using head-mounted displays, you will travel in immersive universes of all genres. Get ready to experience new sensations and to meet an international array of experts, artists and enthusiasts of VR.

The WVRF program: a great forum led by international leaders of culture, research and industry moderated by Michel Reilhac, VR producer and director, ARTE cinema director from 2002 to 2012 and now an international VR reference. A world first immersive festival, staging interactive VR installation premieres. Accredited visitors are invited to experience quality VR and take on the role of observers inside the movie’s world. The VR festival is also open to the general public.



world vr forum

The World VR Forum is dedicated to advancing the virtual reality industry and culture. The Forum engages the foremost leaders of VR/AR industries to connect and build the media of the future. Our organization has a strongly committed multidisciplinary team committed to its mission.


WVRF was established in 2015 as a non profit association based in Geneva, Switzerland. The World VR Forum is autonomous and welcomes individual, private and public members to join its association.


WVRF surmise that VR/AR will affect most parts of the society, from the arts to healthcare industry and education. We also believe that because its immersive power, this new media deserves a very special attention with its dedicated forum where no subjects are tabou.


Switzerland offers the ideal situation with a unique natural setting in the Swiss Alps and strong players involved in VR. Our home country has implemented a policy to support culture and new technologies through organizations such as Pro Helvetia, the Swiss Federal Office of Culture and Presence Switzerland. The results are convincing, Swiss studios are touring the world with thrilling VR projects. The annunal summit brings together the major actors and stakeholders of virtual reality in one place to foster innovation and disseminate VR.



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