World’s First Mixed Reality Arcade Opens in Stamford, CT

Featuring Microsoft’s Hololens devices, The Holodeck is the first of its kind, bringing true Holographic and Virtual Gaming to the general public. Located in the Stamford Town Center, it will have not only Hololens Holographic Games, but HTC Vive and good ‘ol fashion Xbox Stations as well. “There is something for everyone from the casual to the hardcore Xbox gamer here at The Holodeck”, says Todd Fuchs, Founder and Chief Innovator.

While most Entertainment Venues are focused on VR and PC Gaming, we wanted to focus on technologies that provided a virtual experience blended with the real world in order to provide a truly and physically social atmosphere where gamers weren’t isolated in their own worlds. The Hololens was the natural choice, as we believe the future of arcades, who’s very nature is location-based gaming with others, must be Mixed and not just Virtual reality.

Why not just Arcade? The Holodeck feels that the term Arcade is a bit outdated. So instead it calls itself an Innovation Center, and for good reason; not only can the general public come and experience MR, VR and Xbox Gaming, but independent game developers can rent time in one of the several on-site “DevPods”. Here they can use The Holodeck’s equipment to test out and develop their ideas on real hardware devices that they may not otherwise be able to afford. The Holodeck also offers on-site, full-time developers of its own, providing access to live help for any DevPod Guests.
“We are extremely excited to be living in an age where Guests can play virtual games based in the real world, collaboratively or against each other while sharing the same physical space and enjoying all the perks that arcades of yesterday provided to us growing up. We believe that not only is now the perfect time, but we want to be on the forefront of helping others realize this same future, by providing access to the tools and hardware necessary. And for Guests that just want to be part of a unique lounge-like setting and play some VR or Xbox, we’ve got that too.”
The Holodeck has several options for the experiences ranging from paying by the half hour, up to a monthly Membership full of perks and Member-only Events. They have certainly tried to think of everyone and provide a world-class upscale environment to match their mission. You won’t find any folding chairs, junk food or dirty rugs here. Even the Staff are dressed in nice black attire covered by futuristic white lab coats. “We want every Guest to feel as though they are a VIP, a king or queen. We take pride in offering cutting-edge gaming paired with an unmatched level of service, in a clean, up-scale environment dedicated to true gamers.”
The Holodeck opened in July 2017 at The Stamford Town Center directly next to the GameStop, 100 Greylock Pl Stamford, CT.
With great success in a few short months, a second, flagship, location at the Palisades Center in West Nyack, NY is to open Oct 9th.
For more information contact media@theholodeck.com

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