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World’s First VR-STEM Software Free Download Available Now

Ever want to experiment alongside top scientists? Great news! Now you can manipulate molecular and nano-structures with your own two hands.

San Diego based software company, Nanome Inc., which created the first molecular modeling app for modern VR systems, will release Wednesday, August 29 its flagship software for free download on the Oculus, Steam, and Viveport Stores. The Nanome Software opens the door to a virtual world where you can experiment, design, and learn at the nanoscale alongside your friends as well as real world research scientists.

You can import scientifically accurate molecular structures from online databases such as RCSB Protein Databank, Pubchem and Drugbank, measure distances and angles between atoms, mutate amino acids, design new molecules with the periodic table of elements, and much more. Collaborate on science’s biggest questions in a virtual world alongside colleagues, friends, and even people you’ve never met.

You can import scientifically accurate molecular structures from leading research databases such as RCSB Protein Databank, Pubchem and Drugbank; reach out with your hands and measure atomically precise distances and angles between atoms; discover and mutate amino acids; design entirely new molecules with the periodic table of elements and much, much more. Collaborate and innovate on science’s biggest questions in a virtual world alongside colleagues, friends, and people you have never met.

An in-game camera captures images of your work and makes them easily shareable and exportable; public and private rooms let you collaborate and share your ideas to get feedback in real-time; and an in-game marketplace allows you to shop for the right plug-ins to help you drive your scientific inquiry forward.

“VR brings us back to our primitive nature,” Nanome Founder and CEO Steve McCloskey believes. “Everything we’ve ever created as a species has been hands-on and in 3D. So, in the 21st century, why aren’t we experimenting in 3D?

“With our tool, anyone can reach out and experience science at the nanoscale as if it is right in front of them. At Nanome, we are bringing the craftsmanship and natural intuition from interacting with these nanoscale structures at room scale to everyone.”

Atoms, chemicals, and proteins at the nanoscale are too small to pick up, manipulate, and gain a full 3D understanding or intuition because of their abstract nature. Nanome enables all of this and more into their Virtual Reality software by allowing you to traverse, build and modify the nanoscale world.

“Gamers might be confused that you can’t shoot atoms, chemicals and proteins,” said McCloskey, the 2018 San Diego Entrepreneur of the Year award recipient. “But, those with an interest in chemistry are going to be blown away.”

Nanome has worked with its customers at the top of the pharmaceutical industry for years to fine tune the scientific accuracy needed to be an engineering tool. The software is the most user friendly yet professional tool for chemistry and drug discovery and is underpinned by a robust and standardized codebase.

“For the first time, scientists and everyday people can collaborate and work independently through a common interface,” said McCloskey. “We are providing you with the best tools science can provide.”

About Nanome Inc. (

Nanome seeks to democratize science, engineering, and research using Virtual Reality and Blockchain technology. We build intelligent virtual reality interfaces that enable scientists and engineers to collaborate, design and simulate with nanoscale precision. Our software helps advance research and development in life sciences, materials sciences, and nanoengineering through hands-on virtual reality interfaces.

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