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WorldViz – Multi-person Warehouse-scale Virtual Reality Solution Provider

Virtual reality experiences have been largely developed as a seated or at max, a room-scale experience. Today Intel-backed WorldViz announced that they are bringing warehouse-scale VR to Unity and Unreal Engine, enabling users to walk around and tracked by motion-sensing devices in a space the size of a warehouse.


In the next few weeks, WorldViz will release an integration for Unity 5 and Unreal Engine 4. Developers can use Unity and Unreal Engine to bring user to a warehouse-scale space in virtual reality using any compatible headset VR headsets such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.


WorldViz is not only increasing the space of virtual reality, they are also increasing the number of people that can be tracked with the hybrid optical-inertial system simultaneously across 50 meters by 50 meters space with real-time accuracy.


This is especially exciting for those who aren’t satisfied with the current state of VR, which is primarily limited to seat positional tracking or HTC Vive’s room-scale VR. With an increase in size of virtual space and number of people that can be synced, we can only imagine limitless applications such as sports training, virtual reality theme parks, and social media platform like Second Life for a total immersive experience.




Worldviz PPT System and Set-up

The system includes the PPT software studio, and high-precision positional tracking cameras at 240Hz, where sensors on objects such as head-mounted displays or hand-tracking objects can be tracked.


The PPT system is perfect for applications that require precision and accuracy, promoting multi-person co-presencing in a virtual environment while everyone’s movements can be tracked. The WorldViz PPT system is available with acquisition pricing starting at $15,000.


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About WorldViz

Founded in 2002, Santa Barbara-based virtual reality company, WorldViz, is a VR software company that provides 3D interactive and immersive visualization and simulation solutions for universities, government institutions, and commercial organizations.


About year ago, WorldViz raised an undisclosed series A round from Intel for the development and distribution of WorldViz virtual reality application across enterprises.


“Intel’s commitment to WorldViz is a strong statement that the enterprise virtual reality market is poised for rapid expansion and WorldViz is positioned to capture this growth,”


“Virtual reality in the enterprise will enable businesses to transform the way they communicate, design and train. With Intel’s long-standing history as a leader in enterprise computing we’re eager to begin this partnership and the next phase of our business growth.” said Andy Beall, CEO of WorldViz.


WorldViz’s VR development studio Vizard is a complete tool for making VR applications. The company’s interactive visualization and simulation technologies are deployed across more than 1,500 Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions, and government agencies.


“Our investment in WorldViz is consistent with Intel’s strategy to advance natural computing experiences, including virtual reality technology,”

“Enterprises have barely tapped the potential of virtual reality, and WorldViz has demonstrated both a technical and business vision to drive adoption of virtual reality in professional settings, anchored on Intel Architecture.

“By combining the company’s software and Intel’s RealSense 3-D technology, developers and ODMs will be able to rapidly create virtual reality content and deploy it on a wide range of devices for a fully immersive experience,” said Gregory Bryant, vice president of Intel’s Client Computing Group and general manager of Desktop Client Platforms.

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