Wreak Havoc And Raise Cities To The Ground In VRobot For HTC Vive, Oculus and PSVR

Something went badly wrong… Robots and driverless cars have flooded Earth! Humans have built a Giant Robot to help reclaim civilisation, enter VRobot!

Independent VR development studio Luden.io today announced its city sized robo smash ‘em up, ‘VRobot’ is now available exclusively on Steam for HTC Vive via the Early Access program for £10.99/€14,99/$14,99. Other major VR platforms such as Oculus Rift and PlayStationVR will follow later this year.

Earth has been taken over by robots! Humanity’s last hope now rests with the giant VRobot built to combat the invasion and wipe the slate clean. Destroy everything in your path and help rid the earth of the robot scourge!

VRobot can acquire various weapons to annihilate major cities as well as the new robot overlords. Use a devastating tractor beam to pull skyscrapers towards you and fire them out to sea. Summon gigantic tornadoes capable of sucking up entire neighbourhoods and direct them with your tornado maker device. Battle SuperRobot 3000 and restore civilisation so humans can return to their homes.

What started life as a test project for Epic Games Mega Jam in 2016 has literally turned into something mechanically monstrous!” commented Oleg Chumakov, CEO of Luden.io. “We’re really looking forwards to adding a giant robot sized amount of content to VRobot in Early Access, getting feedback from the community and ultimately launching the game across all VR platforms later this year.

About VRobot:

• 8 cities to destroy
• 2 additional weapons to unlock (Tractor Beam & Tornado Makеr)
• Run amok against the clock! Ensure 100% destruction within the time limit
• Awesome interactive with objects (shake buildings, speak with robots, catch planes and ships)
• Great realistic entourage (shadows, changes of time of day, dusks and downs)
• Full support at Early Access
• Due for launch across all major VR platforms 2017

VRobot is available on Steam Early Access here

VRobot official website is here

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