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Ximmerse VR System – All-In-One Solution for Mobile VR

Ximmerse, the Guangzhou, China based VR input solution manufacturer is introducing a Mobile and PC based input system for virtual reality.


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Palmer Luckey visiting Ximmerse booth @ CES 2016




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Ximmerse Concept For Mobile VR

Whenever one is presented with VR for the first time, the first thing they do is to extend their hands and reach for the objects they see in front of them. In mobile VR, this is an even harder feat to achieve. With Ximmerse, that dream is now a reality.

Ximmerse is a company that develops mobile VR input systems based on their mobile visual computing and inertial tracking technologies. They explore the possibilities of human computer interaction and aim to create cutting-edge technologies and products for better VR experiences.

Ximmerse Developer’s kit is shipping Q1 2016 for $149 USD. We will keep you informed when the pre-order starts!


ximmerse stereo tracking camera


Ximmerse has developed a prototype of inside-out tracking stereo camera with all algorithms running on its embedded board. The core of the system is a mobile visual computing board with a stereo camera with the codename: X-Hawk, with 2 built-in cameras and CPU. All algorithm computation ran on this embedded system.




It can track controllers like joystick or haptic glove for interaction and external LED beacon for head position! The tracking system is able to identify numerous LED blobs and different joysticks or haptic gloves accurately, which according to Ximmerse, can work well even with the interference from sunlight and other intensive light distractions. According to the Ximmerse demo, it can track up to 240 IDs in just one single frame, pretty impressive!


ximmerse vr tracking system

Ximmerse System: All-In-One Solution for Mobile & PC VR Gaming

Here are additional components included in Ximmerse mobile VR system!




X-Cobra, a joystick with 1 trigger, 1 analogue stick and 5 buttons. It also features haptic feedback and drift-free IMU modules.


X-Paw, a haptic glove that simulates precise hand gesture in real-time and provide realistic haptic feedback!


X-Swift, a standalone IMU, this tiny gadget about the size of 2 quarters, is able to track your body pose to control movement. Player will be attaching X-Swift on their torso.


ximmerse rifle gun


Ximmerse Rifle Gun, a gun simulator that will plugin X-Cobra and becomes an analogue rifle.



Ian from Ximmerse told me, that Ximmerse R&D team is cooperating with computer vision company in Silicon Valley to make the system capable of tracking bare hands, along with additional features such as 3D environment reconstruction, digital see-through AR and VR/3D video recording. According to Ian, these amazing features be available soon in the near future!




Ximmerse mobile VR system made its debut in SIGGRAPH earlier this month, and the team is hosting a booth at VRLA on August 29, booth number: PD11. Be sure to visit their booth for a demo!


vrla ximmerse


According to Ian, the consumer version will be lighter and more delicate, wireless of course and with a friendly price tag! The consumer version is expected to launch in Q1 2016.


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