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New XRDC AR/VR Innovation Report Reveals Oculus Rift Surpasses HTC Vive as Most Popular Platform Among Developers

XRDC released its fourth annual XRDC AR/VR Innovation Report, created from survey responses from over 900 professionals involved in the development of augmented, virtual, and mixed reality experiences. The research report contains data and insights that offer a useful perspective on the expanding industry, providing a closer look into the trends and challenges affecting industry professionals and their organizations.

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Industry professionals provided valuable takeaways on the current trends critical to the growth of augmented, virtual, and mixed reality development. For the fourth annual XRDC AR/VR Innovation Report, findings highlight new platform favorites, a shift in funding, growth trends, and more. Findings within the report are divided into multiple sections, each focused on key trends influencing the industry:

Oculus Rift surpasses the HTC Vive as top AR/VR/MR platform
When respondents were asked which AR/VR/MR platform(s) they are currently developing for, the Oculus Rift emerged as most popular at 29%,followed by the Oculus Quest at 24%, and the HTC Vive at 24%. This marks a shift in platform preference, as the HTC Vive was previously named the most popular platform among developers surveyed for the Innovation Report for three years running. This also confirms results from the 2018 Innovation Report, which revealed that the Oculus Rift was the most popular target for future projects at 41%.

Looking ahead, respondents believe that Oculus will remain popular. When asked which platform their next AR/VR/MR project will release on, 30%said the Oculus Rift, 28% said the Oculus Quest, and 24% said the HTC Vive.

Although a new platform, the Oculus Quest has quickly risen to popularity and secured a spot in the top 3 most popular VR platforms. This suggests developers are excited about the Quest’s promise of wireless, portable VR with 6DoF (Degrees of Freedom) controllers at a comparatively low cost.

A rise in client funding
When asked how developers are funding their AR/VR/MR work, existing company funds remained the most popular response at 41%. However, investment from clients emerged as the second most popular source of funding, with 27% of respondents indicating that they are funded by a client or clients.

23% of respondents indicated that they fund their AR/VR/MR work out of their own personal funds, down 3% from 2018. These results suggest that as more AR/VR/MR markets mature, more and more clients may step up to pay for well-made immersive experiences.

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