The leader in extended reality telehealth therapeutic markets, XRHealth announced today that it launched a crowdfunding campaign selling stock in its virtual clinics. These pioneering Virtual Clinics offer at-home medical treatment through Virtual Reality (VR/AR), and other digital health technologies. XRHealth combines immersive VR/AR technology with licensed clinicians and advanced data analytics to provide a holistic therapeutic solution that allows patients to get treatment at home and receive care.

This campaign provides an opportunity for investors to get involved in the rapidly expanding telehealth market. McKinsey & Company reports that the healthcare sector has experienced a " massive acceler" increase in telehealth usage in the wake the Covid-19 pandemic. According to McKinsey & Company, healthcare providers have seen 50 to 175 more patients using telehealth since the pandemic. In addition, 46 percent of US patients now use telehealth, as opposed to 11 percent in 2019.

According to Eran Orr (CEO of XRHealth), "What was a $26 Billion market last year is now expected to reach the $70 billion mark in 2026." Eran Orr cites recent research on telehealth marketing trend. Remote healthcare is growing rapidly because it serves so many healthcare consumers. Outpatient care is not possible for people who have chronic conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis or are immune-compromised. Our technology is already making telehealth a reality by enabling 3D capability and bringing patient care to the future. Our technology is already bringing telehealth to patients all over the world, and we want everyone to be able to participate in the journey.

XRHealth's unique Virtual Clinics are revolutionizing virtual on-demand healthcare. They focus on three key therapeutic areas: pain management and neurological disorders. To provide at-home healthcare, the company has developed proprietary VR/AR applications that are FDA-registered. The platform allows patients to engage in virtual therapy and shares quantitative data with their medical providers. This helps accelerate recovery. These applications can be customized and are flexible enough to allow for a tailored treatment.

XRHealth now offers the public the chance to purchase XRHealth stocks until February 9, 2022. XRHealth has raised over $20M in Venture capital, AARP grants and other successful crowdfunding campaigns.

About the XRHealth:

XRHealth offers state-of the-art virtual clinics for therapeutic care. They use proprietary FDA and CE-registered medical Extended Reality (XR), technology (virtual or augmented reality). XRHealth combines immersive XR technology with licensed clinicians and advanced data analysis on one platform. This allows patients to access comprehensive therapeutic care from their own home. The company offers many patent-pending solutions, including rehabilitation services, cognitive assessment, training and pain management. XRHealth partners with a number of renowned U.S. hospitals and rehab centers. XRHealth was founded in 2016 in Boston, Massachusetts. Its R&D center, located in Tel-Aviv in Israel, is also located there.  

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