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Yulio Launches Free VR for Business Email Course

Leading VR for business firm Yulio Technologies today announced the launch of a new, free, 5 day email course for those looking to successfully leverage the power of VR within their business.

Delivered by VR veteran and Yulio’s Chief Product Officer, Ian Hall and inspired by insights gained over his 15 years in the industry and over 1000 hours of user testing conducted by his team at Yulio, the course aims to provide a set of clear and practical insights for business leaders on how to evaluate and successfully integrate VR solutions into their operations.

The Business VR course is delivered via email over a five day period and covers;

  1. Why VR is going beyond gaming and why it’s ready for business

  2. What to look for a VR solution that brings you measurable results
  3. The technical and training issues you should consider as you integrate VR into your workflow
  4. The different types of VR and options around hardware
  5. Tips for creating your first designs in VR

As part of the course, users will also receive Yulio Whitepapers and Worksheets to help them evaluate VR solutions and how to adopt them successfully into their workflows.

We speak with more and more people that see VR as having the potential to be a powerful work, marketing and/or sales tool within their organizations but have very little idea on what to look for in solutions and how to get started. We felt there was real value at this point in VR’s lifecycle within the Enterprise to provide some honest, practical and objective advice. We’ve gained a lot of very valuable insights through our R&D for Yulio over the past several years and are keen to share these, knowing full well that Yulio itself isn’t always going to be a perfect solution for every user.” Ian Hall, Chief Product Officer, Yulio Technologies.

Those wishing to sign up for the free VR for Business email course can do so here – http://vr.yulio.com/course/

Author: VR Reporter

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