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With support of QQ-AR Technology Justice League’s Box Office Take in China Exceeds RMB 400 Million

“QQ-AR becomes the new trump card for Chinese social network giant Tencent”

Tencent Holdings Limited (“Tencent“, SEHK: 00700), Chinese internet conglomerate Tencent has recently made strides in the domain of augmented reality (AR) by launching a new QQ-AR scanning feature for Justice League, the latest addition to DC’s slate of animated films. With the support of the QQ-AR functionality, the film opened in China with 400 million yuan (approx. US$60.3 million) in box office receipts on the first day. In addition, the latest share price indicated that Tencent’s market value has surpassed Facebook.

Fans can enter the virtual world of Justice League by simply using the QQ-AR scanning feature to capture the Chinese way of indicating the number “6” with one hand. In addition, the QQ doll, a custom image that was created for the film using QQ-AR technology, has become a popular cartoon figure on Chinese social networks.

With an interactive virtual reality (VR) approach, QQ-AR has demonstrated its unique value in terms of the publicity and distribution of the films that support the technology. Citing an example, the AR scanning feature specially launched for Spider-Man: Homecoming had garnered 11 million users. Tencent also rolled out the QQ-AR open platform, allowing anyone, even if they have no experience in AR development, to create their own AR experiences.

Industry watchers have weighed in: with further penetration into the promotion and distribution side of films and the release of the open platform, QQ-AR can be expected to become available in multiple forms and to further promote the implementation and popularization of AR technology.

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