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GJS Releases New AR Mode For Award Winning Gaming Robot, GEIO

GJS announced the release of the updated AR Mode for GEIO, the most advanced gaming robot on the market today. Adding to the robot’s impressive list of advanced features, GEIO is the first of its kind, entertainment robot that combines gaming, mechanical aesthetics and cutting-edge technology to create a one-of-a-kind realistic gaming experience.

The new AR Mode follows the original release, which debuted at CES earlier this year, attracting remarkable media attention.

The GEIO App with the updated AR mode is available now for download on iTunes and the Google Play store. The AR map, stickers and instructions can also be downloaded online on Download GJS. GEIO is available for purchase on for the retail price of $199.99. For more information about GJS, visit or join the conversation on Facebook.

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Loaded with innovative technology and unique features including, first-person view (FPV) shooting, high speed motor system, facial recognition and a sleek design, GEIO offers everything you need to feel completely immersed into the virtual gaming world.

Adding to the list of award-winning features is the new AR mode, which brings a revolutionary level of technology to consumer robots.

Augmented Reality technology combines the real-world environment with computer-generated images to blur the line between virtual and real life. The updated AR mode for GEIO does just that and so much more.

Through your GEIO App on your smart device you determine your robot’s strategy and battle off virtual enemies as they show up on your screen using gunshots, boomerangs, and missiles. GEIO relies on the player’s commands and related AR accessories including AR stickers and map to achieve the final victory.

To ensure the best gaming experience, players should use the new AR stickers which you place on your GEIO and an AR map which you lay on the surface where you decide to battle, to optimize the combat. In addition, the new AR mode comes with a rich story line, where humans have entered the era of artificial intelligence and robots have created a human resistance organization called “The Mythical Animal” to avoid becoming slaves to humans.

GJS designed additional games and skills to fit into the new storyline. The new games come with different levels so whether you are a rookie or a skilled player, you can experience all the fun and challenges that GEIO has to offer. For an even more realistic battle scene, GJS revamped the game interface with the new AR mode. The new feature has completely updated GEIO’s AR capabilities and is recognized as a huge achievement in the development for GJS ROBOT.

“There’s a big gap in the industry that we’re looking to fill. We know that there’s very little innovations in the gaming robot industry that deliver high tech gaming to the masses,” explained Jacky Lee, Co-Founder of GJS. “GEIO is satisfying the need and demand by providing the latest in AR technology and making it available to consumers worldwide.”

Since its release, GEIO has made a huge impression receiving recognition for its outstanding mechanical aesthetics and commercial application of cutting-edge technology. Earlier this year at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), GEIO was honored with the prestigious TWICE Picks Award for its innovation, marketability, and wow factor. GJS was also selected as one of the TOP 10 World’s Most Innovative Companies in the Chinese Sector by Fast Company, the leading US Business Magazine.

About GJS
Shenzhen GJS Technology Co., LTD. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D, producing and promoting consumer battle robots and gaming robots. Well-known for its outstanding mechanical aesthetics and commercial application of cutting-edge technology, GJS ROBOT has attracted millions of fans both at home and abroad with two blockbuster products: The battle robot GANKER and the gaming robot GEIO. As a pioneer in battle bots and AI technology, GJS ROBOT has surpassed imagination with the help of technology, brought people closer, and made robot interaction a new type of popular entertainment

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