8ninths Launches Augmented Reality App for iOS 11, the BOX AR

Augmented and Virtual Reality Studio, 8ninths, is launching a futuristic mobile Augmented Reality app, THE BOX AR. As one of the first to leverage ARKit for iOS 11, the app will introduce Augmented Reality (AR) to the masses with interactive daily content. Apple iPhone users can download the app for free on The Apple App Store once iOS 11 is released.

Arriving in an opaque white package, THE BOX AR recreates the excitement of receiving and opening a mysterious gift in a virtual format. Each BOX delivers a whimsical short-form, high impact mobile AR experience and every 24 hours new content is delivered. Inside each box, users may find collectible characters, entertaining dioramas, interactive pets, art tools, environmental transformations, portals to another world, and more. Daily content is collected and stored for later play, contributing to a library of augmented objects that can be assembled to create custom scenes, tell a story, punk a friend, or simply embellish everyday reality. Video and photo features allow users to capture creations and share with the world.

With the launch of iOS 11, millions of people will gain the ability to instantly access Augmented Reality content directly from their iPhone. The upgrade will equip all iPhone models 6s upwards, all iPad Pros, and the 2017 9.7-inch iPad with AR capabilities using its ARKit technology. For marketers, it’s a rich opportunity to bring a brand to the forefront of the AR ecosystem and an easy solution for connecting with target audiences in this new medium.

“THE BOX is our vision for the future of marketing in Augmented Reality,” says 8ninths CEO Adam Sheppard. “This novel ‘Short Form AR’ format has the potential to become a daily way for users to receive mind-blowing new content and share with others. We think that brands will be excited to be able to connect with their audience through this novel format in a way they’ve never been able to before. These brief escapes from the real world are almost like a daydream, changing your mood and environment for a short time —without having to wear a headset.”

According to Digi-Capital’s Augmented/Virtual Reality Report, the market for mobile AR could hit over a billion users and $60 billion revenue globally by 2021. Facebook, Apple, Google, Snap, and others are competing for the best mobile AR platform and with Apple’s launch of ARkit of iOS 11 as “the largest AR platform in the world,” mobile AR is about to receive attention from the masses since millions of people already have the requisite hardware. 8ninths is working with many leading brands to capitalize on the reach of Apple’s ARKit to create original and entertaining branded boxes for the launch of THE BOX AR.

About 8ninths

8ninths is a Seattle-based Augmented and Virtual Reality studio that provides platform solutions and services for industries across all verticals. Partnering with large enterprise customers, 8ninths utilizes new technologies to meet business objectives in the most innovative and competitive way. As a pioneer in state-of-the-art digital technology, they are actively helping brands leverage the highly anticipated features of Apple’s ARKit to create novel brand experiences in this new ecosystem.

Also known for being one of a handful of companies selected by Microsoft for its Holographic Academy, 8ninths has over 3 years of experience developing VR / AR applications for large enterprise clients. They are also development partners with Apple, Samsung, Oculus, Facebook, HTC Vive, and others.

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