Agora Powers Startup Innovations With Real Time Engagement PaaS

Agora, Inc. (NASDAQ : API) is a Real Time Engagement Platform as a service (RTE PaaS). The company's mission is to make real time engagement ubiquitous by allowing anyone to interact with anyone in any app, anywhere and anytime. Agora's platform offers APIs that allow developers to embed real-time voice and video into their applications.

Scener - Watch TV & Movies together

Agora technology begin to power Scener's Watch Party Platform in August 2020. This platform allows millions to enjoy live streaming TV content over immersive video chat.

Viewers of content are always looking for ways to interact, no matter if they are streaming a panel with their favorite stars or hosting a movie night with friends. Real-Time engagement allows viewers to communicate with each other via voice, video, or messaging during a screen. This brings more human interaction into the virtual entertainment experience and lets viewers connect from anywhere.

Scener's partnership to Agora allows for a shared experience which allows viewers to engage with each other while watching entertainment content on major streaming services. In synchronized video chat, up to 1 million people can simultaneously stream content from Netflix Prime Video, HBO Max and Disney+. You can host public or private cowatching sessions where participants are synchronized in real-time, and paired with audio, video, and text chat.

Scener's growth has been 100x since March. Scener uses Agora’s Software Defined Real-Time Network infrastructure for group video chat and synchronization features. Agora's global network ensures video-chat streaming quality regardless of geographic location. Scener's proprietary technology syncs the underlying video entertainment content to each viewer's client. This ensures that all viewing is licensed and respects IP rights.

Other use cases includes: 

Remote Access

ARUtility is an AR utility locating, asset managing and building information modeling (BIM), visualization application. It aims to reduce underground damages and make excavation more cost-effective. Engineers can also assist utilities in identifying conflicts and asset management. ARUtility's remote assistance tool, powered by Agora's RTE technology, allows field workers to communicate with the office and share what they see in the field.

Virtual Tours & Travel:

360 Stories allows you to take interactive tours with real-time guides online or on-the-go from your smartphone. Agora's live streaming technology has been integrated into Virtual Live Tours, which reaches 34 cities around the world. Virtual travelers can walk along the streets of Rio and Rome with locals and enjoy the stunning video and audio quality.

HTC Vive Sync App Integration

The Agora Video Software Developer Kit (SDK), which was developed by Agora, became pre-integrated in the HTC VIVE Sync app, the most popular virtual reality (VR), and extended reality(XR) remote collaboration and meeting software.

HTC VIVE Sync App integrates Agora's video SDK to enable seamless remote collaboration between VR and non-VR users in the same virtual environment. Users can share the same immersive experience on any device without the need for a virtual reality headset. Users can also share their files and screens within the cooperative meeting setting. This makes the VR experience more accessible and productive for everyone.

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