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ARzilla Helps Brands Increase Sales & Brand Awareness Through WebAR and SocialAR

ARzilla is a WebAR design studio that creates app-less augmented reality experiences. Its solutions include 3D try-before-you-buy and animated packaging that comes alive when the customer scans a QR code. ARzilla also develops viral filters for Snapchat and Instagram that garner hundreds of thousands of shares. WebAR, as opposed to app-based augmented reality, will be the key driver of the AR industry, which is projected to have over 3.5 billion users by 2022.

According to expert estimates, there will be over 3.5 billion AR users in the world by 2022, but they won’t be using augmented reality apps. Instead, AR is shifting to the web, with studios like ARzilla promoting app-free WebAR solutions.

ARzilla is an innovative studio specializing in WebAR: augmented reality features that don’t require an app. The shift to WebAR is transforming the augmented reality industry: instead of downloading heavy apps, users can now experience AR in their browser.

ARzilla’s second area of expertise is SocialAR: filters and masks for Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. SocialAR is targeted at a younger audience and can trigger viral marketing campaigns shared by millions of users.

Successful AR use cases by ARzilla

– Virtual try-before-you-buy. 37% of online shoppers prefer the try-before-you-buy option to all other payment methods. However, it can result in high refund and postage costs for merchants.

AR solves this problem by projecting a realistic 3D model of the product into the customer’s environment or onto their body. For instance, ARzilla recently worked with a furniture manufacturer to allow customers to try out work desks. This led to a 4.8% growth in conversions.

– AR packaging. As soon as the user scans a QR code on a piece of packaging, a browser page opens on their smartphone to reveal an AR experience. The product comes alive and moves, or new products are projected into the user’s living room.

An example is ARzilla’s recent collaboration with a light bulb manufacturer, which resulted in a 4.7% increase in sales in the first three months despite it being the slow season.

– SocialAR. 130 million Snapchat users activate AR lenses every day, making them some of the most efficient marketing channels for brands that use AR.

Among the SocialAR solutions developed by ARzilla is a recent filter for a fashion store that lets users try on sunglasses and share the results with friends. The retailer reported over 2,000 new social media followers in just two weeks, as well as a 4.7% rise in sales.

In another successful collaboration, ARzilla developed a simple game for an ice cream manufacturer; the filter was shared hundreds of thousands of times, and sales grew by 6.7%.

Polls show nine out of 10 brands plan to use augmented reality in their marketing. Attracting customers will become even easier with the rise of SocialAR and especially WebAR, pioneered by agencies like ARzilla. For more info, see

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