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Augmented Island Studios Offers Augmented Reality Application Development

Companies in every industry and of every size are starting to realize that augmented reality cannot be ignored. As this new kind of media starts taking off, the need for development studios is on the rise. Currently, the demand for augmented reality development services highly exceeds the supply and this is naturally driving prices higher.

When business partners Enrique, Mauricio, Kamil and Juan Ramón got together in Cali, Colombia to launch Augmented Island Studios, they knew they had to offer value above all other things. The quality, project management and development skills and expertise were already there but they knew that to succeed and set themselves apart in the AR space, they had to offer high end products at a reasonable price.

Now Augmented Island Studios has clients in the entertainment, publishing, sports, wine, apparel and consumer packaged goods industries.

CEO, Enrique Sánchez-Rivera explains how they acquired these clients after only 4 months from launching, “Owning a few other businesses myself made me understand clearly, that the prohibitive pricing of augmented reality development in the United States and Europe was a competitive advantage for us. As we started submitting proposals and quotes, we realized that having development offices in Cali, Colombia, allowed us to offer prices that were 30% to 60% lower than those of United States and European augmented reality studios”.

Augmented Island Studios’ development offices in Colombia are very convenient for United States clients since the time difference between the two countries is minimal and the company’s personnel is all fluent in English.


Augmented Island Studios is an augmented reality and virtual reality development studio based in Los Angeles, California and with development offices in Cali, Colombia. Since its launch four months ago, the company has been developing innovative and highly interactive applications for clients in a myriad of industries (entertainment, publishing, sports, wine, apparel and consumer packaged goods). Aside from the highly specialized talent pool the company has, Augmented Island provides clients with value they will not find anywhere else.

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