Augmently Inc, the augmented realism agency specializing in three-dimensional/life-like AR technology and creative virtual world innovations has partnered with INKAS™ Group of Companies in Canada to bring an engaging multi-dimensional experience inside to its armored vehicle division.

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INKAS™ Group of Companies is a privately held Canadian company specializing in security, manufacturing and development services. Founded in 1993 in Toronto, Canada INKAS offered armed messenger services to local merchants and later expanded its services portfolio to include cash management and security solutions. INKAS has business divisions that include armored vehicle and safe manufacturing, metal fabrication, software development, financial and environmental protection services. In 2015, INKAS opened the first armored vehicle showroom in Canada and has expanded to Lagos, Nigeria and Sederot, Israel.

There are currently over 100,000 armored vehicles in use worldwide. With costs ranging from $120,000 to $3 million dollars, wealthy business owners, financial institutions and governments are among the top users of armored vehicle services. With such an exclusive array of clientele for armored vehicles, INKAS’ marketing strategy was to provide an “experience” through technology that would save time and money and provide an innovative sales tool.

When INKAS needed a platform to provide customers with more visualization of their armored vehicles division the company expanded its efforts to include augmented reality (AR). By partnering with Augmently, Inc, INKAS developed an AR visualization concept which ultimately expands the opportunity to understand all the new features that the vehicle has to offer. In addition, the app allows users to experience the inside of an armored vehicle with a mobile application either in full scale or tabletop version. With INKAS wide-range of services and international positioning, the partnership with Augmently, Inc has provided an exclusive opportunity to showcase its services and products through the use of a mobile application using an iPad or iPhone from anywhere in the world. A customer can look at all the details as close as they want to and even get inside the armored vehicle without physically having to be there.

“Augmently created a tool for INKAS to allow a potential buyer to place a virtual replica of an INKAS vehicle in their own environment. The app also gives them the ability to tap on interactive hotspots to learn more about all its great features. They can also re-skin the vehicle with INKAS unique design, walk into the vehicle and shoot a branded video or photo to share their experience with their colleagues. Our goal is to give a multi-dimensional experience to the INKAS brand which has been proven to increase sales. It’s become an essential marketing tool for INKAS and many other partners.” – Ziggy Kormandel, CEO, Augmently, Inc.

“We’re always on the lookout for new and innovative methods to better interface with our clients and fans. In today’s world, it’s very important to quickly capture a viewer’s attention and offer them an experience while educating them on your products or services – augmented reality does this really well. We’re thrilled to be the first commercial armored vehicle manufacturer in the world to make use of augmented reality as a means to interactively display our vehicles. We’re definitely excited for what the future of AR has in store for INKAS as well as its applications within our daily lives.” – Arthur Yurovitsky, VP of Marketing, INKAS Group of Companies

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Augmently, Inc was founded in 2015. Since that time the company has partnered with global icons worldwide showcasing their brand in unique and interesting ways and bringing reality to the consumer experience.

Augmently now has its sights on the Healthcare industry. The company will announce an exclusive partnership with Stayhealthy®, an engagement-based technology company that uses FDA cleared technologies to track and help users change their overall health. Stayhealthy’s true innovation in body fat screening and focus on overall wellness is an alternative to the traditional BMI measurement formula which was invented in the 1830s.

Stayhealthy’s technology has been clinically proven by professionals to make a profound difference in the health patterns of individuals. Augmently will now play a pivotal role in of Stayhealthy’s new web and mobile based screening tool.

The initial AR experience will target adolescents through an augmented healthy heart campaign as well as adults struggling with typical health plans that are not experiential enough to garner their individual buy-in.

Heart health activity levels, diabetes risk and other health screening tools are introduced through an innovative new AR experience developed and produced by Augmently exclusively for Stayhealthy, Inc. This first-of-its kind innovation for wellness will provide a personalized interactive experience of a real-world environment whose elements are “augmented” over multiple sensory modalities.

This groundbreaking new partnership will engage individuals in their own personal health development plan and create hard-to-ignore revolutionary new approaches for professionals in the industry. The company’s official announcement is targeted for fall of 2018.



Augmently, Inc. is a Los Angeles based creative technology company that has developed a unique, patented Augmented Reality (AR) platform which allows mobile device users to virtually place a celebrity, animated character or product in an environment of their choice. Unlike other AR applications, Augmently uses hyper-realistic imagery rather than 3D computer generated objects. Augmently’s main focus is to be the leader in the mobile AR space today. Augmently, Inc was founded in 2015. Since that time the company has partnered with global icons worldwide showcasing their brands in unique and engaging ways and bringing reality to the consumer experience. For more information on Augmently, Inc., go to

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