U.S. music festival Coachella launches Augmented Reality features and specialized filters at the Sahara Tent during both weekends, April 12-14 and April 19-21, to create the first ever AR-equipped stage at a music fest. The new interactive features will be accessible for fans to experience before, during and after each set at the Sahara.

“We want to provide fun and cutting edge experiences for the people who attend the show,” said a spokesperson for Goldenvoice, the company behind Coachella. “During sets, attendees can use a number of different AR filters that react to the audio coming out of the speakers.”

The focus of the activation is on space-themed AR content that will appear during the changeover time between sets in the Sahara. This content will include planetary objects, space stations, astronauts, and other references to physical art structures at the festival this year. This content will appear in AR to be floating and flying above the crowd and interacting with viewers. Fans will also have the ability to select from a number of different AR filters that react to audio and the physical space within the Sahara tent during artist sets.

Available through the Coachella app on iOs and Android devices, users can display the AR experience by opening their app and selecting the ‘Coachella Camera’ from the left-side menu. There, they will be able to choose which feature they want to view. To view the interactive content between set changeovers, fans must be present during the changeover, open their Coachella Camera, and point it at the Sahara video screens when instructed. Users can save videos and photos from the experience to their device after they record.

This activation is a part of Coachella’s dedication towards producing an AR-enabled music festival experience for fans.

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