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Crowded Cloud, MetaPipe Partnership Will Democratize Augmented Reality Content Production

Crowded Cloud, a novel network that stands to even the TV and film production playing field, has partnered with film studio infrastructure provider MetaPipe. This linkup marks the latest development in the entertainment industry’s uptake of blockchain technology.

When it comes to film and television production, the same circles tend to dominate the big decisions: it’s all about who is in the know. Crowded Cloud’s decentralized platform, on the other hand, brings democracy and transparency to filmmaking, funding, and production. Everyone at all stages of the content production supply chain, including art directors, investors, and screenwriters, will be able to approve, promote—and earn funds from—small-scale independent works, as well as have the ability to convert existing media content into augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), three-dimensional (3D), and/or enhanced two-dimensional (2D) formats.

“At its heart, Crowded Cloud is built on the harmonization of automated image processing and traditional computer visual effects with blockchain technology. We will give the global workforce the platform to develop and promote new projects,” says Javier Benavente, founder of Crowded Cloud. “Alongside MetaPipe’s cutting-edge technologies and insightful team, we stand to disrupt the entertainment industry for the better. MetaPipe will allow us to scale our production pipelines to meet increasing demand for high-quality AR and VR content.”

Effectively, the entertainment industry’s onboarding of Crowded Cloud means that small-scale filmmaking operations stand on the same playing field as big-name Hollywood studios. For example, 20 years ago a handful of shortsighted studio executives gave a “thanks but no thanks” to the rights to nearly every Marvel character . Marvel wound up having to set up its own production shop (and at the time, few believed it would succeed) to build out its content. In a storyline befitting a comic book superhero, Marvel Studios triumphed: Over the past decade, its releases have raked in more than $16.8 billion worldwide.

“The future of technology and industry disruption lies in blockchain. Crowded Cloud wants to be part of the story to make a Marvel-like ending within as easy reach to television and film industry upstarts as to the established players,” says Benavente.

Crowded Cloud Token

Crowded Cloud will power this new ecosystem through the use of the native HAVI token, an ERC20-compliant token on the Ethereum network used for voting, accounting, settlement, dispersing payment, and managing distribution rights on the Crowded Cloud platform.

MetaPipe Integration

MetaPipe provides easy to deploy, fully virtualized visual effects (VFX) and animation studio infrastructure by hosting everything in the cloud. With MetaPipe, content creators can deploy an entire high-end studio in minutes with no large upfront costs, while paying only for the compute time and storage they actually use.

MetaPipe’s domain expertise in computer visual effects, media production pipelines, and cloud computing naturally fills key ecosystem components as Crowded Cloud builds out and integrates format conversion processes and production pipelines.

“We are thrilled to launch a joint development effort with Crowded Cloud to plan for and integrate MetaPipe cloud visual effects orchestration tools within Crowded Cloud’s digital studio ecosystem,” says Aaron Estrada, CEO of MetaPipe.

About MetaPipe

MetaPipe provides easy to deploy, fully virtualized VFX and animation studio infrastructure.

What does this mean to you? MetaPipe makes setting up studio infrastructure for VFX and Animation simple by hosting everything in the cloud. Everything. Storage Servers, Render Farm, even the Workstations. With MetaPipe you can deploy an entire high-end studio in literally minutes with no large upfront costs; pay only for the compute time and storage you actually use. Clear, per-hour, pay-as-you-go compute pricing simplifies project budgeting. Our easy-to-use dashboard allows you to manage everything from a web browser. More at

About Crowded Cloud

Crowded Cloud’s digital studio ecosystem will facilitate market participation in the production of AR, VR, 3D and 2D motion picture and entertainment products. Market participants will use the ecosystem to identify and acquire rights to digitally convert new or existing content into AR, VR, 3D or 2D-enhanced formats. More at


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