DoubleMe Brings the Jedi Hologram Conference to Every Home by 2020

DoubleMe, Inc., holographic reality capture technology startup, today announced HoloPort™, the world’s first single 3D camera-based real-time volumetric video capture solution for holographic communication, or holoportation.*

DoubleMe brings the Jedi hologram conference to every home by 2020 via personal real-time holoportation platform, HoloPort

Life-size holograms generated in real-time via HoloPort:

While other volumetric video capture solutions require several cameras, servers, and operators, HoloPort runs on a PC with a single 3D camera, and most importantly, requires no technical expertise.

Instead of complicated and expensive setups, DoubleMe developed an advanced machine-learning algorithm that learns the full volume as the user rotates herself to the camera. “Then, it predicts the complete holograms without watching every angle,” said Albert Kim, CEO, and co-founder of DoubleMe.

“Volumetric video finally became a consumer Internet technology, and anyone with Skype experiences can use HoloPort for holographic communication. Think Skype for the Jedi hologram conference,” Albert added.

Like Skype, HoloPort is a freemium app. Not only for holoportation, it can also record holograms for 3rd party games, animations, movies, and AR/VR/MR applications via its Unity 3D and Unreal plugins. The company wants to democratize volumetric videos both for communication and content creation.

Michael Kuczynski, COO and co-founder said, “Holoportation will fundamentally change how we communicate and bring people closer than ever.”

In May 2018, DoubleMe secured a $3M research and development (R&D) grant from the Institute for Information & Communications Technology Promotion (IITP) in Korea to develop HoloPort. Total funds the company raised to date are $8.2M.

Ten undisclosed major mobile telecom operators already joined the strategic partnership on delivering HoloPort over 5G network by 2020. The company hopes to find more partners around the world.

The open beta program starts in September for the selected partners.

About DoubleMe

DoubleMe provides an end-to-end platform for Social Holographic Reality Experiences. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, and operating its volumetric video capture studios in London and Seoul. So far, DoubleMe has raised $8.2M. To learn more about DoubleMe, visit http://doubleme.me or https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/doubleme

* The term was coined in a Microsoft Research paper, “Holoportation: Virtual 3D Teleportation in Real-time” in October 2016.


Contact: Albert Kim
Phone: (415) 513-0281
Email: kim@doubleme.me

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