feel three simulator updated design spec

Feel Three updated new design looks sleek and modern!

Feel Three: Affordable Virtual Reality Simulator ( Update )

Feel Three is a virtual reality motion simulator with a futuristic sphere-like appearance.

Feel Three is specifically designed to integrate with virtual reality head mounted displays, such as Oculus Rift and a variety of VR controllers. Feel Three supports game controls such as gamepad, bike pedals, steering wheels that would enhance the user’s VR gaming experience.

Feel Three team is currently working on the plugins for major game engines such as Unity and Unreal. In the futures, games could be downloaded directly to the platform.

This is section of the post is regarding the update that Feel Three virtual reality simulator has introduced new and enhanced design, the latter part of the post are about older design, and it is for reader’s comparison, for the nest design please check Feel Three official page at here. The new changes include:

feel three over the top cable

Bringing cable over the top, we liked the idea! Better safety and comfort!

Bringing cable from the top: Instead of let the cables curl in the base of the cockpit, the Feel Three team has is bringing the cable over the top the simulator. This is very smart and provides extra comfort and safety.

Wider room for your legs means extra comfort!

Wider room for your legs means extra comfort! Big plus!

Extra room for the cockpit: Besides powerful functions, comfort and safety are top priorities for any simulator. Feel Three has done it well!

Classic Bauhaus style furniture!

Classic Bauhaus style furniture!

Overall Appearance Enhancement: The look is more modern and sleeker, we love minimal design! Reminds me of Bauhaus style furniture!



Feel Three offers a wide range of movement, high level of customization, and configuration for users. Three versions of Feel Three simulators will be released. All three versions use the same parts but with different configurations. More panels, stronger motors and add-on could be purchased separately to upgrade each version.

Feel Three’s unique and revolutionary core design differs than other simulator on the market. Feel Three rotates the users inside the cockpit (or sphere), as oppose to the linear up and downwards movement adopted by other simulators.

One great advantage from the rotating design is that it lowers the cost of development, since Feel Three does not require powerful motors to lift up the simulator. If the user prefer to move in linear motions, the Feel Three simulator is modular by design so add-on panels can be always be integrated. The more add-on panels you have, the more freely you can move!

Feel Three’s base plate uses high torque motor, castor wheels, and roller chain to hold and move the sphere. The sphere can be rolled side-by-side, back-and-forth, or in rotation. Feel Three’s seat is referred to as the “cockpit”. The cockpit is connected to a computer that can be placed outside or mounted inside.

For example, if you are playing a car racing game, and you step on the gas pedal as you were driving a speedy racing car in the game environment, Feel Three will pitch the sphere backwards to simulate the pulling force, and create a physical feel of the pulling gravity shift. And as your eyes were viewing a rapid forward movement in the car racing virtual game environment, you will get a truly immersive and realistic feel!

Feel Three seem to stress on the affordability, appearance and safety, however, the price has not yet been announced. Feel Three’s Kickstarter campaign will launch this year. Let us wait and see if they live up to their promise and make the system fully functional and affordable!

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