Newest Update – 5.6.2015

The is definitely the most exciting virtual reality breaking news this month, Oculus VR has confirmed to ship their consumer version in 2016 Q1, we have updated on this page. Please ignore previous update below. Finally, woo hoo!


New Update: The November 2015 Launch is Unlikely

During a panel discuss at SXSW, Palmer Lucky said ” the company has made a lot of changes to our roadmap and we’ve expanded a lot of ambition we had around the product. ”
Palmer also stated that he could not comment about the launch date, he said ” but I can say nothing had gone horribly wrong with the product.”


Judging from Palmer Lucky’s statements, the Oculus Rift consumer version release date would probably delay beyond 2015… But let’s wait and see!


Oculus Rift Consumer Version November 2015 Launch

Oculus Rift founder and CEO Palmer Lucky has confirmed the approximate release date and price range for Oculus Rift consumer version. According to Gameguide, the official launch will be in Winter 2015. TechAndPrince also said their source confirmed that the launch will be November 2015.


Oculus Rift Consumer Version Improvement

Palm Lucky also told Tech Radar that necessary and important enhancements have been made, the significant enhancements has been made on the higher resolution and refresh rate, as compare to Oculus DK2 ( $350 USD ) which has 960×1080 OLED displays and 90Hz refresh rate. Below is the official Oculus DK2 video released back in March, 2014.

oculus rift dk2

oculus palmer lucky nate mitchell

Oculus’s Nate Mitchell & Palmer Lucky @ GDC


According to Game Rant, Palmer Lucky and Nate Mitchell said the pricewill fall between $200-$400 USD. The price tag is lower than we thought it would be, certainly beats Samsung’s Gear’s VR ( $199 USD ) and Samsung Galaxy Note4 ( $299 USD ) combination. Looking forward to get our hands and test the Oculus Rift consumer version in November!


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