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Forbes Unveils Top Selection of ‘Extended Reality’ for Porn in VR 2019

Ela Darling, performer and marketing director of ViRo Club, one of the foremost names in VR and AR development, has helped Forbes Magazine break down the best of XR, or “extended reality,” of 2019.

“Perhaps even more than we’ve seen in recent decades, the adult industry is focused on pushing boundaries and finding a way forward in unexplored territories,” Darling told Forbes. “In part because standout creators in the space are always explorers of curiosities and in part because historically this kind of forward-thinking means survival and longevity of a particular extension of the world’s oldest profession.”

While the list covers the big developments of 2019, there is also an “ongoing support” category for older companies that continue to innovate:

Best VR Porn Studios in 2019

Most Popular Virtual Sex Games

Adult VR Industry Guide

Top Sex Toys for Virtual Reality

Adult XR Studio of the Year

  • 2049 Entertainment

Adult AR App of the Year

Adult VR App of the Year

  • ViRo Club

Top Adult Immersive Streaming of the Year

Top Adult Immersive Apps of the Year (Ongoing Support)

  • SexLikeReal
  • Virt-A-Mate

Top Immersive Adult Devices of 2019

Top Adult Immersive Productions of the Year

  • Black Box Collection, Season One, 2049 Entertainment
  • Fidelio III, Naughty America
  • Jumanjizz by VRB

Darling discussed what she sees as the future of XR.

“I think in 2020 we will see more exploration of AR technology in the adult industry, expanded VR production, and more specialized and niche content from new producers,” she explained. “I think we will see more independent producers this year as performers are empowered to explore the space, and I think we will see the introduction of even more great auxiliary and teledildonic devices to supplement the viewing experience.”

To read the entire Forbes article, penned by Jesse Damiani, click here.

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