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FOVE Headset: The World’s First Eye Tracking Head Mounted Display

FOVE has just launched their campaign today on Kickstarter! Fove is the world’s first eye tracking virtual reality HMD.


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The venture-backed (Rothenberg Ventures River VR Accelerator & Microsoft Ventures Accelerator London ) Japanese VR startup’s revolutionary technology is the eye tracking capability that reacts in real-time when users make eye contact.


Lochlainn Wilson and Yuka Kojima, FOVE headset VR -Founders

Lochlainn Wilson & Yuka Kojima, Co-Founders

FOVE Headset’s High Speed & Accuracy Eye Tracking

FOVE enables users to perform some amazing things with their eyes. Users could use their eye contact to interact with virtual game characters, play piano, type with a virtual keyboard, navigate through a contextual menus are amongst the many things that FOVE is capable of.



FOVE tracks eye glance with built-in form-factor infrared sensors and calculate the depth-of-field and the user’s eye viewing focal point within the 3D space, and graphic engine will adjust and render resources and feedbacks accordingly.


The third generation of FOVE made improvements on reacting speed and tracking accuracy to help reduce nausea and sickness that are often associated with using a virtual reality head mounted display. According to FOVE, the headset is able to read and understand very subtle eye moments!


Emotionally and psychologically, FOVE provides a more human-like way of interaction and navigation inside the virtual environment, we call our eyes “the window of our soul” for a good reason. We as human are used to interpret, exchange and convey messages through eye contact.


FOVE Headset’s Eye-Tracking Technology Being Used For A Greater Cause

Last but not the least, FOVE headset is unfolding many new possibilities, great minds and great souls of people such as Stephen Hawking, who are limited by physical disabilities, or even children who were born with disabilities could be set free in the virtual environment and communicate freely!


The FOVE headset Kickstart Campaign ends in 45 days, the fist batch for super early bird special was soldout within hours. If you just want a FOVE headset, your best choice is $375 USD for a pair, for developers it starts at $399 USD. The shipment starts in May, 2016 worldwide!


Image & Content Source: FOVE & Kickstarter 

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