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Our Favorite Oculus Headset Virgin Reaction Video Collection

People trying out VR goggles such as Oculus VR headsets for the first time usually come with a priceless reaction. Here we handpicked some of our favorite funniest reaction of people having their virgin VR experiences. Enjoy our all-time funniest VR porn virgins’ first time on Rift classic moments! For more Youtube videos on VR porn and the industry overview, please visit this page.


vr porn

VR Porn First Time Experience – Priceless!

My personal favorite are the people and senior citizen’s reactions captured on video by Complex team! We didn’t think VR Porn was ready back in 2014, but in 2015, all of sudden, we have seen some well-produced VR Porn start to emerge in the market, and become available to consumers.

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Naughty America VR

Virtual Real Porn


Just VR Porn

e have collected some VR Porn first-time experiences people had captured on videos, and yes, these VR Porn virgins looked lame and awkward, but let’s face and admit it, that’s probably how you and I looked like when we have our first virtual porn experience, everybody looks lame and awkward while they are having fun watching VR Porn for the very first time, absolutely no exception! For more VR Porn Virgin Experience, view it on this page!

VR Porn Reactions

Senior citizens VR Porn Reactions

Best VR Reaction Compilation

Funniest Rift Reactions

Daddy Tries The Rift

Guy Falls Over Trying The Rift

Grandparents Reaction

Best Oculus Scream

Best Oculus Prank

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