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GNOG: First VR Game On Project Morpheus By KO-OP Game Studio

GNOG is an interactive Playstation 4 game title featuring giant monster heads, an interconnected world filled with colorful and visually stunning monsters with tantalizing secrets! Each monster is has its own personality and unique character!


gnog launching 2016

GNOG is not limited as a VR game title, it’s available across different platforms!


Developed by indie game developing studio KO-OP. GNOG will launch in 2016 on Playstation 4 platform, and also as the first game title for the highly anticipated VR headset Sony Project Morpheus!



“The heads are totally unique, with different puzzles and soundscapes in each, to really emphasize that aspect of playful discovery,” explains Saleem Dabbous, from developer Ko-op. “We’ve taken a lot of inspiration from games like Windosill and Fez — which are great little sandboxes of exploration and wonder — as well as toys like Polly Pocket and Mighty Max, which encourage you to look at everyday objects a little differently.” ( From The Verge )


gnog monster with personality secrets


GNOG seems to be a little weird and fun VR game, we really enjoyed Sony Project Morpheus’s tiny robot demo @ SVVR 2015, which is cute and weird as well. Looking forward for its 2016 launch!



Content & Image Source: GNOG, Vimeo, The Verge


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