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Holopundits Announces the Launch of New AR Educational Anatomy Application

Holopundits Pvt. Ltd., a US-based immersive technology company, has announced the launch of VirtuBod, a comprehensive Augmented Reality (AR) app that converts any room to a virtual, immersive anatomy lab.

The app seeks to enhance the academic effectiveness of the study of the human body. It also helps medical schools overcome the limitations of small work spaces or limited access to cadavers.

The VirtuBod app provides a 3D animated AR view of the anatomical system under multiple pathological profiles. Medical students and biology enthusiasts alike get a first-hand view that seeks to captivate as well as educate. The app provides a 360-degree view of bones, muscles, nerves, and skin, and allows students to see the impact of different conditions on the various parts of the human body.

Mr. Ranjit Yengoti, the COO of HoloPundits, explained the importance of the app. “An animated and visually appealing look into the inner working of the human body is the primary mode of education imparted to medical students. VirtuBod can be considered as the portal for an inside peek into the working of the human body,” he said.

VirtuBod gives an interactive spin on AR with its use of a Mixed Reality (MR) device: the Microsoft Hololens. The app can also be used on the Oculus Go. By February 2019, the app is on track to be featured on the Oculus Go store.

The VirtuBod app can deliver phenomenal outcomes for medical students. The app can also be used in various medical fields, such as Doctor of Osteopathic, nursing, occupational therapy, and physical therapy.

HoloPundits specializes in delivering interactive visualization and immersive experiences through its services. It has deep domain expertise on augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality. The company has been at the forefront in developing an entire ecosystem that developers can use to build AR/VR/MR content and utilize it for distinct uses.

HoloPundits has executed proof of concept successfully for education, manufacturing, heavy industries, and enterprises for their training, learning, sales, and marketing functions.

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