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Infinity AR’s Game Changing Touchable VR Technology

2015 seems to be an exciting year for Israel based virtual and augmented reality startup Infinity AR, earlier this week we’d just published a post about Infinity AR winning and received The Technology Innovation Award from research group, Frost & Sullivan. Infinity AR engine being their main strength, yet, their vision for highly interactive augmented reality is equally impressive!


Infinity AR is working on technology that will blend virtual reality and physical world seamlessly. Imagine going through your daily life surrounded by highly interactive and continuously updating real-time virtual chat box, notification, tips, information updates and etc…


Infinity AR Virtual Assistant At Your Service

Augmented reality and virtual assistant will boost your skill and the probabilities of your pick-up success. Take a look at below video to see the world imagined by Infinity AR, imagine you’ll be constantly updated, reminded, advised, and informed by your virtual assistant when you woke up, dressing for work, driving, shooting pools, and even when picking up a girl from a local bar!


You could see quick facts or analyzed information about someone you just met in a bar! Might be helpful?



Better yet, Infinity VR is currently developing technology that will allow you to touch, move and interact with virtual objects. In below videos, there are a pair of hands holding a holographic sea turtle, and a hand pointing at a Mona Lisa painting.




The virtual hands will simulate your hand motion in real-time. This opens lots of possibility for more applications blending augmented reality into our daily life. For example, let’s say if a man needs 100% privacy to write a secret letter, he can write it in his own virtual world with a virtual pen holding by a virtual hand simulating his hand motion.


Playing With Virtual Animals With Your Virtual Hands

Take the hands holding an adorable sea turtle for another instance, the application can also be adopted in class room and change the way we learn, perhaps in the future students will be able to use their hands to touch, feel and interact with animals in hologram freely and in a totally safe environment.


Animals that had distinct or are very dangerous in real life. We can also have our own virtual pets, and we will be able to play with them in virtual world. Doesn’t that sound super exciting?



In the future you would be able to play with rare animals virtually!


Infinity AR

Touching Mona Lisa without being arrested : )


Although, both the Mona Lisa and Sea Turtle demo videos shown on Infinity AR’s websites doesn’t look very polished, especially the hands in Mona Lisa video doesn’t really blend in with the background, but Infinity AR’s idea and vision are still fantastic, the technology seemed very promising.


The technology is in developing stage, it will probably take a few more years before becoming available for the consumer market. We are looking forward for Infinity AR’s further development!


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