Kàra Màr Social AI Powered Artist Releases First Album

Sensorium and Mubert collaborated to create Virtual DJ  Kàra Màr. The album features 8 AI-generated techno tracks, titled "Anthropic Principle".

Sensorium Galaxy is a digital universe that transforms how people interact with one another and enjoy the arts. Sensorium Galaxy is an alternate universe where users can connect with loved ones, meet new people and engage in virtual activities.

The Galaxy is being developed in partnership with renowned artists, producers, entertainment companies. Jay-Z's Roc Nation, Yann Pissenem (creator of Ushuaia Ibiza & Hi Ibiza), are two examples.

 Kàra Màr was invited to the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse for the first time, where she performed alongside world-famous DJs such as Armin van Buuren, Carl Cox and David Guetta.  Kàra Màr uses social AI technology to interact and perform alongside other DJs.

Kara Mar and other AI performers will always be available for fans to chat via text and video chats via the Sensorium Galaxy mobile application.

These AI characters were enabled by Mubert's proprietary technology to create a unique flow of music. Sensorium provides them with virtual bodies and intelligence as well as social skills.

Sensorium's virtual DJs can support spontaneous thought-provoking conversations thanks to a unique mixture genetic AI and reinforcement learning. They are capable to talk for many hours and retain both short-term and long-term memories. These virtual characters/beings are constantly evolving through communications and interactions with their users. This happens naturally and without developers interfering.

Sensorium's Social Artists each have their own style of performance and distinct personalities based on a virtual bio. Kara Mar is an AI researcher and techno DJ from Berlin. She brings her fascination with AI to all music productions.

In the near future, fans will have the opportunity to see Kara Mar perform live in PRISM, one of Sensorium Galaxy’s virtual worlds dedicated exclusively to exceptional music events. Sensorium Galaxy will be live in a few months. The Sensorium app can already be downloaded here.

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