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Lostroom From Russia Developed A Team Based VR Social Game – Cosmos

Lostroom, a Russian VR startup, has developed a 3-6 players team-based, quest genre, escape-room VR gaming experience with the code name Cosmos! Anton Zaytsev from Lostroom is the Creative Director for the Cosmos VR experience.


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Lostroom is also the creator of real-life escape game Cyberpunk! As soon as Oculus DK2 was available, Zaytsev started to experiment with Oculus + Leap Motion – Cosmos was born! The Cosmos can accommodate 3-6 players at once, the game length is 1 hour per session and pay per session.


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” Our players sit down and wear headsets. But they fly in zero gravity. And we minimized the nausea effect – all actions virtual body does are initiated by player.”
“The key feature is that the game is social. Players need to communicate and make decisions together to accomplish their goals in the game. Collective immersion is unique expirience.”
“We believe that VR will spread as PCs did – through computer clubs. And we want them to be easy to open.”
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The plot of Cosmos VR experience is simple, milestones depend on the actions of the players. For an hour of the game the team will unite, divide and re-unite to make an important decision that affects the destiny of all mankind. In Cosmos, players need to work as a team, together, each player can affect the plot of the game, making decisions, individually and as a team.




The degree of freedom of the players increases from one scene to the next scene: first, participants can just press a button at the end – to fly freely in weightlessness and interact with objects. Cosmos is a bit similar to team-based VR gaming expereinces such as The VOID VR and Zero Latency, however, one great advantage of Cosmos is that, it doesn’t require expensive set-ups. Cosmos also reminds me of Adr1ft VR Experience. The VR experience is currently available in Saint Petersburg, Russia!


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