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Lumus Announces Collaboration with Deep Optics, Combining Its Leading Transparent AR Displays with Dynamic Focal Technology

“Joint solution creates even more lifelike user experience for AR enthusiasts”

Lumus, a leading developer and producer of transparent AR displays, and Deep Optics, a pioneer in novel electronic lenses, today announced a new collaboration that will demonstrate dynamic focus technology in Lumus AR optics. By layering the Deep Optics lens over its own lens, Lumus will enable AR glasses to seamlessly deliver an equally clear view of both close and far content, without compromising its wide field of view, without image distortion—and without significantly changing the size and weight of smart eyeglasses.

“We’re excited to join forces with Deep Optics to demonstrate dynamic focal technology in advanced AR optics

Augmented reality eyewear displays a transparent overlay over the user’s environment, with the AR digital data typically viewed at a fixed focal plane; the viewer can focus on faraway content, but not closer objects. The new strategic partnership eliminates that limitation by combining industry-leading optical technology from Lumus with dynamic, LC-based lens technology developed by Deep Optics, enabling smart eyewear that automatically provides a sharp, clear view of both near and far objects from any distance or angle at all times.

“We’re excited to join forces with Deep Optics to demonstrate dynamic focal technology in advanced AR optics,” Lumus CEO Ari Grobman says. “Without adding any noticeable weight or bulk to Lumus’ sleek optics, Deep Optics dynamic focal lenses bring an even more lifelike viewing experience to a comfortable and functional solution for the consumer market.”

Deep Optics co-founder and CEO Yariv Haddad says that the partnership leverages “a great fit between the exceptional optical technology Lumus has developed and our own innovative liquid-crystal based lenses technology. By continuously aligning the focal plane with the content depth, we’re able to provide the most realistic and crisp AR viewing experience. We’re delighted to play a key role in revolutionizing the augmented reality experience, which perfectly complements our mission to address the need for dynamic optics in the world of vision correction.”

Deep Optics will be a featured partner at the Lumus booth #21330 in the heart of the AR/VR show floor at CES 2018, to be held Jan. 9 – 12, 2018 in Las Vegas.

About Lumus

Lumus ( believes the future is looking up, and is working with today’s leading augmented reality (AR) and smart eyewear manufacturers to free the world from the limitations of screen-based living. Lumus develops and produces exceptional transparent AR displays that fuse digital and physical worlds like never before. Lumus optics are the core foundational technology on which top global OEM brands are basing their products. The company’s patented LOE optical technology enable true see-through performance and a wide field of view in the most natural-looking, sleek and compact design possible today. Lumus optics are battle tested with military aviation, health care, and logistics among the industries utilizing the company’s optical engines.

About Deep Optics

Deep Optics ( is the inventor and pioneer of novel electronic lenses technology, with a mission to transform the world of vision correction and lead it to the era of dynamic optics. The company has developed a cutting-edge liquid-crystal (LC) based lenses technology, addressing the growing need for dynamic vision correction, primarily in the markets of progressive eye-glasses and augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) headsets. Its fully-transparent, non-moving-parts, ultra-low-power LC lenses allow the fast and seamless change of optical prescriptions during use—the most crucial element for revolutionizing the progressive glasses market as well as many other human vision aid systems. Deep Optics in based in Israel.


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