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New AR Mask for Consumers and Developers: MAGIMASK

“AR Headset MagiMask and Tracking System Is Aimed at Developers, Content Creators, and Early Adopters with a Friendly $99USD Price Point”

Norwegian-based technology start-up Ludenso (formerly MovieMask) unveiled their augmented reality (AR) package for mobile devices, called MagiMask, and its revolutionary tracking system. MagiMask has been quietly in development for two years, and it is now available to pre-order for $99 USD and will ship in Q1 2019.

MagiMask is available now to pre-order via Kickstarter and will ship in Q1 2019:

Ludenso is changing the way people engage and interact with the world through MagiMask, an affordable, easy-to-use AR head-mounted display that supports AR capable smartphones, from as large as Samsung Galaxy S9+ and Apple’s iPhone Xs Max.

“We believe people have been led into the AR market with false hopes and outrageously expensive hardware. We have created a hardware platform for mobile AR using our unique head-mounted display and tracker kit. Our HMD works with 99% of the existing apps without customizations, and gives 100% augmented FOV and improved resolution,” said Eirik Wahlstrøm, CEO and co-founder of Ludenso. “Our low cost and innovative technology will enable developers around the world to have the hardware tools they need to reach millions of customers and give tech enthusiasts the opportunity to own an AR headset without having to spend thousands of dollars.”

The flexible, soft fabric design of the MagiMask HMD is in part based on their previous product MovieMask, which won a Red Dot Award for outstanding design alongside Google Daydream.

One of MagiMask’s core technologies is its single lens approach, which unlike all other mobile-driven stereoscopic headsets allows the user to view the full size of the smartphone screen, compensating for both accommodation (normal stereoscopic) and convergence. One screen means that the resolution is not drastically cut as it is in other headsets where the display only utilizes between 15-25% of the pixels. This results is a larger, more crystal clear image with far better resolution.

The optimized tracking system is made up of MagiTile, MagiKard, and MagiDice, which provide AR-optimized surface tracking that makes navigation possible (turning, action-triggers, etc).

Currently, users can explore, create and learn on MagiMask using apps such as Augment, Kubity, and Sketchfab. Developers wanting to create their own software, games, and applications for MagiMask and its tracking system should contact Ludenso.

“We have successfully launched three predecessors to MagiMask, and can’t wait to get this new headset out to tech enthusiasts, developers, and anyone else who loves AR as much as we do. Having spent almost two years developing MagiMask and its tracking system, we are now at the manufacturing stage and to ensure an on-time delivery we using our previous manufacturing partners. The money you put into the campaign goes directly toward creating the MagiMask you ordered. We have done all the developmental and technological hard work and are now just getting ready to manufacture,” said Wahlstrøm.

About Ludenso

Ludenso was founded in May 2016 in Oslo, Norway by Eirik Wahlstrøm and Harald Manheim. The company has successfully developed and launched three versions of MovieMask. For more information, visit

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