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Media Kobo Introduces “SUPERTRACK” System to Shoot Real-Time Live-Action 3D Video Images, Produces “HOLOGRA” 3D Content

Media Kobo, Inc. (TSE Mothers Code: 3815), a Tokyo-based company primarily specializing in digital content business, unveiled on July 16 the SUPERTRACK, a system it has uniquely developed to shoot real-time volumetric video (*), or live-action three-dimensional moving images.

Volumetric video: Live-action three-dimensional moving images, which has been the focus of intense research and development by such companies as Microsoft and Intel.
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While conventional moving images on flat screens or in 360-degree virtual reality are shot from a fixed camera viewpoint, volumetric video captures the object from all angles to create three-dimensional images, providing viewers with complete freedom to enjoy them from a vantage point of their choice.

The main features of SUPERTRACK are that its environment for video shooting can be set up easily without requiring special settings or equipment such as a green backdrop screen, and that it is capable of creating high-resolution volumetric video images that can be viewed on commercially available PCs and displayed in life size by utilizing a unique 3D configuration program.

Additionally, the system is the first in the world to create and display three-dimensional moving images in real time, drawing on a unique technique of presentation (*patent pending) based on point cloud technology. It can also stream images live via cloud server.

Application examples:

SUPERTRACK can record the presence and motion of people and other living things as users see them, in a way that cannot be expressed by CG or motion capture, elevating the art of video from a means of recording to an immersive experience.

  • Digital archives: Preserving precious memories in three-dimensional moving images
  • Sports: Studying forms and poses in yoga and sports from every possible viewpoint
  • Business: Reliving the atmospheres of training sessions and seminars as they were


Media Kobo is set to release “HOLOGRA” on Steam, a video game digital distribution platform, in August 2019 as the first round of content drawing on this SUPERTRACK technology.

This content features a host of cosplayer models, including world-famous Reika, and they can be seen from any viewpoint that enables players to feel as if cosplayer models are in front of their eyes.

Outline of service:

Performers: Popular cosplayers at home and abroad are scheduled to be featured — including Reika who is so red-hot as a cosplayer that she has been invited to visit more than 40 countries and served as a juror at world cosplay competitions.

The download URL will be announced on the official website (https://supertrack-mr.com/) as soon as it is decided.

*The download is scheduled to start in August.

SOURCE Media Kobo, Inc.

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