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Mirada Creates The Strain VR Experience W/ Headcase VR For FX

Mirada is a Los Angeles based virtual reality creative production studio designed to work with storytellers. Founded by filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, Mirada is equal parts design studio, visual effects & animation facility, creative & technology incubator, development and production company. Mirada VR opened its door in 2010 with narrative tradition at its heart, technological innovation, and endless creativity as its engine!


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Mirada Co-Create The Strain Experience W/ Digital Kitchen

Mirada recently partnered with Headcase VR and ad agency Digital Kitchen to create an immersive VR experience to promote season two of FX’s hit horror drama “The Strain,” developed by Mirada co-founder Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan.


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The Strain @ Comic-Con FX Fearless Arena

The Strain is an original bestselling thriller about vampire by author Del Toro & Chuck Hogan. The Strain VR experience was showcased at the FX Fearless Arena @ San Diego Comic-Con 2015. We experienced The Strain VR experience at the SolCal VR event last month and were blown away by the quality of the production.


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The Strain is an unique and exceptional virtual reality Experience that is the first to Sync Six Viewers Wirelessly and offer real-time vision-distorting effects to heighten suspense!


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The Strain FX Fearless VR Expereince @ San Diego Comic-Con


“The Strain” VR experience follows popular character Vasiliy Fet, a former Ukranian rat exterminator, as he leads viewers on a 360º journey through an abandoned warehouse, all while under constant threat of attack from vampires.


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Mirada built a custom VR application to run the experience wirelessly across six Samsung GearVR headsets, allowing multiple viewers to engage in the VR experience at the same time. The application also facilitated the playback of real-time vision-distorting effects in the VR headset, simulating blinking eyes and tunnel vision to heighten suspense.


“Even though the GearVR comes with a solid stock 360º video player, the platform that we developed allowed us customize this app in a really unique way,” said Mirada Technical Director Andrew Cochrane. “We had total control over the experience – from sync to real-time effects and spatial audio – we even disabled the touchpad to prevent viewers from accidentally pausing the video.”


Mirada facilitated the VR pipeline for the entire project and worked closely with Headcase from the start of pre-production. Live action was captured using a cinema-grade spherical camera rig developed by Headcase, and Cochrane was on set to provide technical and creative supervision.


headcase 360 camera


Mirada stitched the multi camera footage together into 360º scenes for dailies that were sent back to Headcase for editorial. Once Headcase locked picture with FX Network, Mirada proceeded to final spherical stitching, articulate clean-up and compositing, custom spatial audio playback for the project and designing the final delivery application (app).


Mirada VR Powered Google Shop Experience App

The VR pipeline for “The Strain” was developed using a suite of tools that Mirada initially designed and customized to power the Google Shop VR experience, the studio’s first immersive cinema project that debuted in April of 2015. “Mirada was designed to be an innovator, and as an early adopter of new tech we’ve been building out our VR pipeline and process for nearly two years, this cinematic experience is another evolutionary progression on this platform for our studio and there is more come ” said John Fragomeni, President of Mirada.


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Mirada – The Expert In Immersive Virtual Storytelling

Mirada’s VR pipeline and capabilities span immersive storytelling, incorporating 360º filming, spherical CG, visual effects, dimensionalized audio, real-time rendering, interactivity, and customized turnkey app creation. The studio looks forward to continuing its push into this next generation entertainment and communication platform.


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