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Nature Abstraction – 3D Fractal Psychedelic Virtual Reality Experience Using Google Deepdream

Nature Abstraction is an virtual reality visual experience that uses geometrical and fractal psychedelic visuals to represent biological forms and shapes. The fractal VR experience is processed through Google Deepdream app.


Nature Abstract experience puts viewers in a trance-like, mesmerizing state, viewers are guided to explore planets and their intricate complexities. The VR experience was hosted and showcased at Barbican Centre in London.


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“The fractals have also been processed through Google’s Deepdream, transforming the fractal landscapes into morphing psychedelic patterns that our eye will recognize as very familiar shapes although the way the images are created only aims to create a variety of random patterns on the canvas.” ( via natural Abstraction )



“The audience is guided to explore these planets and dive into their vast complexities as well as observing the contrast between the entirely digital created world inside the VR against the fully analogue created film projected onto the faces of the cube which have been filmed in real life, recreating using analogue visual effects and various chemical elements.” ( via Natural Abstraction )

“You’re floating through formula-based shapes that are at once familiar and completely alien. Zamagni sees it as a way to challenge the accuracy of your perceptions. You’re sadly too late to see this installation in person (it was part of an exhibit at London’s Barbican this August), but here’s hoping that it resurfaces… it looks like a wild mind trip.” ( via Engadget )


Content Source: Nature Abstract Official & Engadget

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